From a sermon by Oral Roberts' brother Anal:

"And brethren, I want to tell you . . . and you know I mean it most sincerly . . . Jesus, while awaiting the trial, FELL ASLEEP! Was it a nod? NO! Was it a nap? NO! Was it a little bit of wooziness from the last supper party the night before? NO AND NO, I SAY UNTO YOU! He went to SLEEP, passed out, slid into dreamland . . . and His father, God, looked down and was concerned. What if Jesus missed the appearance of His court-appointed attorney? (For you know that Jesus couldn't have afforded a lawyer to save His life!) So God, in His infinite wisdom, sent Gabriel on down to nudge that most holy of heads. And when he did so, Jesus' chin fell off His cupped hand AND HE WAS RESURRECTED! BODILY, FULLY, RESURRECTED FOR OUR SINS!"


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