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Dear Helena - re; Jesus was a lover of young boys and men


Dear Helena,

please excuse my emailing you out of the blue like this but I have a matter of possible copyright infringement to bring to your attention. I know that you are the main lawyer representing the copyright interests of the Religious Technology Center and as such are in a position to know what material is really copyrighted by your client and what is not.

The reason I am emailing you is that a disguised and unknown source has offered to post me what purports to be part of a taped lecture by a Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. This tape is supposed to have a very controversial content. It is puportedly L. Ron Hubbard himself saying the following words:

"For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love, understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. It is historic fact and yet man still clings to the ideal, so deep and insidious is the biologic implanting."

Now it seems to me, that since Scientology is compatible with other religions, including the Christian religion, as claimed in the book "What is Scientology?", then whatever this taped lecture is is clearly a forgery. That being the case, then it could not possibly have a copyright that is owned by your client, namely the "Religious Technology Center" since it is obviously a forgery. That being the case then when I do (if indeed the offer is genuine) get hold of said tape then you will not mind if I host the sound content of this tape in RealAudio format on one or more of my web sites with the rider that it is not in fact Mr. L. Ron Hubbard saying these things but merely somebody with a voice that sounds like him.

As soon (and if) this tape arrives, I would like to web its content. Could you please confirm that this tape is not by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and therefore, as far as your client (only) is concerned, that I am free to web it?

I am certain it is false and perhaps this email of mine is an unwelcome irritation -- but I do like to keep within the law. Of course, in your busy job, you may feel that you are unable to spare the time to reply to this email of mine. In that case I hope you will not mind if I take the lack of reply to mean that the "Jesus was a lover of young boys" tape is a forgery and that I am free to web it until such time as the true author comes forward and states his/her objection to my webbing it.

I remain, as always, your humble and obedient servant.

Roland Rashleigh-Berry

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