Richard Smith

A week ago our house was burglarized. I bring this up because there's a certain unpleasant trend to it that ties in with the subject matter of this place.

What was taken:            What was NOT taken:

Most of my skeptical Any of my Bibles. literature. The camcorder. All of my personal written/printed Several boomboxes. material concerning my religious views 30 or 40 CDs. (including my personal BOS). Three color tvs. All of my ritual goods Blank checks (though and/or paraphrenalia. they WERE looked thru) (Athame, necklaces, robes, etc.) Five computers, as well as various parts for Similar materials owned same. by my spouse. Several dollars in ready Religious jewelry cash that were just belonging to my wife lying around. and myself. $600 worth of stereo My cutlery (swords components. and knives) collections. None of them were for 50 or 60 videotapes ritual use, as any fellow Wiccan would have known Various cameras, tape by looking at them. recorders, etc.

In addition, they cut the telephone line for the BBS, but left intact the other phone line, two inches away. They also pulled wires out of the BBS computer, but didn't mess with the other computers at all. Though I was able to send mail again within an hour after the discovery of this all (I used to work for AT&T after all, and computer cables are simple to replace), I've been busy this last week putting up security doors, motion sensors, getting fence quotes, rekeying nine sets of locks (we have three entrances to this place), etc., ad infinitum, it seems.

The back of our property (through which the intruders came and went, judging from tracks, etc.) borders on a Catholic high school. They, of course, saw nothing, though the intruders came in around 9:30 am and stayed for several hours at least.

I'll leave it up to the more realistic of you, the more paranoid of you, or any combination thereof, to make note of the pattern involved here . . .

At any rate, finally I can sit back and answer some mail. I hope all are well. We, though a bit shell-shocked and paranoid, are all doing well, including various critters.

Once we get the fence complete, though, we'll be adding a pitbull, rottweiler, or mastif to our collection . . .

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Richard Smith

... Leviticus 19:11: You shall not steal, deal falsely, nor lie.


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