Rape vs. Sexual Child abuse

Section 10:
Rape vs. Sexual Child Abuse: Section 10

Jim Staal: (Homophobic bigot)
JS> A man who molests a young boy is not someone I would call het.

Preston Simpson:
PS> Jim doesn't understand that pedophilia, like rape,
PS> is not about sex and is all about power.

Steven Saus:
ss> Actually, it's news to me. I was well aware RAPE was about power,
ss> but wasn't cognizant that the same was true of pedophilia. Perhaps
ss> it was the 'ilia' at the end of it - I lumped it into fetishes in
ss> my way of thinking.

Fredric Rice:
Jim is lying and Preston is being somewhat inaccurate. In actual fact it is the youthful morphology of children which motivates the behavior of pedophiles, not the sex gender of the children they victimize. When a Christian priest rapes a boy, it can't be considered 'homosexual rape' any more than if the Christian priest rapes a girl it can be considered 'heterosexual rape.'

Some Christians like to pretend that the epidemic child abuse in their cult is due to 'hidden homosexuals' among their ranks when in fact it is the Authoritarian aspects of the Christian cult which provide pedophiles with a safe heaven. Sexual orientation doesn't factor into the equation when one looks at the problem honestly.

Another aspect of the rape of children is the genetic inheritence of humanity. In order for a species to survive, it must reproduce at an early age and its offspring must mature quickly so that they, too, may reproduce quickly. Mediating factors contribute: Intake of proteen and environmental factors combine to dictate the duration of time it takes for a species to mature to the age of sexual reproductivity.

It has been only about 200 or 300 year or so since humanity bred and reproduced around the age of 13 or 14 and society considered it to be acceptable. Infant mortality was high due to the immatureity of the parents yet such infant mortality was acceptable.

These days, a better diet and better health sciences have the populace living much longer and with longer sexually reproducing durations. It is no longer socially acceptable for 13-year-olds to give birth -- in Westernized societies, at any rate.

There _may_ be a genetic predisposition for pedophiles to behave the way they do. The social constraints against screwing children are very strong yet the genetic history of the species may work against that in pedophiles.

Most of society seem to perfer mature sexual mates. Pedophiles aren't looking for reproducing sexual mates, however... they're driven by the desire to practice sexual behavior upon the young irresepective of reproduction.

I hate to suggest that pedophiles are exhibiting genetic traits since some people might claim that they shouldn't be held responsible for their actions. The fact is, however, that _any_ genetically-based or environmentally-based behavior which adversely impacts upon the health or safety of anyother individual is grounds for criminal liability. If a genetic predisposition exhibited by behavior harms no one, then I have no compunction against pronouncing the behavior "okay."


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