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Subject: Earle Cooley's memory lapse with the Boston Globe
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 22:19:48 GMT

I recently read a column by Alex Beam in the September 16 edition of the Boston Globe. It was titled "Boston U's Scientology Connection" and it was about Earle Cooley.

One thing that really caught my eye was the part where Beam said that "whenever Cooley and I discussed the excesses committed by the church - the harassment of a journalist, for instance - he said he had no knowledge of illegal activities."

I had to laugh when I read this. It was the private kind of laugh a person has when they have knowledge or information not known by many others. Cooley said he had no knowledge of illegal activities being done by Scientology. I offer here another voice based on the experience of having been there.

In 1985, when I was Deputy Inspector General for External Affairs for the Religious Technology Center (RTC), I hired Earle Cooley to represent RTC in a RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) lawsuit against David Mayo's Advance Ability Center (AAC), a Scientology splinter group, as lead counsel. This decision was not made by the board of directors of RTC. This decision was made by a trustee of RTC who is also the managing agent of the entire Scientology empire, David Miscavige. At the time I was on the board of directors of RTC. As new as he was to Scientology as an entity, Cooley was eager to please because, in my opinion, he correctly smelled a lot of money. You know, the good old American way. Cooley quickly made himself very popular with Miscavige and was soon retained as lead counsel for all major Scientology litigation.

These are the facts:

Scientology has and operates an intelligence network which is orchestrated from the highest levels of the organization and extends throughout the world. The people who run the intelligence network are in RTC, the most senior organization within all of Scientology.

To give you an idea of how I came to have the information I am about to tell you about Earle Cooley, in August of this year, in a hearing in U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, current Scientology lead counsel Sandy Rosen identified me as having been the #2 person in control of all of Scientology. As he was saying this he might as well have said to the judge by implication, "Your honor, here is yet another illustration of the fact there is no actual corporate integrity in any of Scientology's corporations."

The intelligence operation of RTC was one area of RTC that I was responsible for. With the advent of the RICO case, legal and intelligence operations consumed the majority of my day. I had privilege and access to many levels of intelligence operations and programmed strategy against critics and enemies of Scientology.

From a privileged position, I also received daily reports of such activities as routine information. The fact of the matter is that since L. Ron Hubbard's death, David Miscavige has been the self-appointed managing agent of Scientology, and it was upon his direct orders that I carried out the legal and intelligence actions involving Earle Cooley.

It has been almost six years since I left Scientology physically and almost 3 years since I left them in my mind. I guess it has taken me a minute to wake up from Scientology, because I was there for 16 years. That's a long time, some people we all know haven't even been alive that long.

Anyway, to bring a long story to the point, I was with Earle under the conditions given above. Earle was fully aware of the tactical intelligence capabilities of Scientology and took advantage of it to make a name for himself, in my opinion. Wanna know why I think this? I'll tell you.

The key piece of evidence provided in the RTC RICO case for a preliminary injunction against the aforementioned Scientology splinter group (AAC, David Mayo) was a newly authored rendition of one of Scientology's most sacred (only to them) scriptures, NOTs. This is a well known acronym for those that are familiar with Scientology. Suffice to say, the bottom line is that NOTs was a good source of income for a market share that could afford it.

NOTs is very expensive and, considering the fact that the information contained in this "secret information" is so ridiculous, only a fool would ask why upon first glance. Scientology can and does condition its parishioners into a mental state of utter foolishness in my humble opinion, based on actual experience.

David Mayo was principle in the authorship of the NOT's materials as practiced in Scientology today, but surrendered his rights to authorship, or more correctly stated, his co-authorship with LRH. After Mayo was expelled from Scientology he authored another version of NOTs for his own movement, and market share of dissident Scientologists from which he found success, much to the dismay of Scientology.

Believe it or not, the point of David's rights to authorship never gained recognition in the RICO case because Mayo's lawyers never argued the point. I wonder if Mayo had a lawyer hired by Scientology to represent him? Every NOTs issue bore the initials DM, which stands for David Mayo, not David Miscavige.

Now you see yet another example of why it takes more than an instant to recover mentally from a dance with Scientology.

So deep was the deception in this case, that in his own defense Mayo never questioned how Scientology ever obtained a copy of his newly authored NOTs issues being used against him in a court of law. The fact of the matter is that RTC paid and hired an informant to steal these materials from under Mayo's nose.

Earle Cooley coached me for nearly ten hours before I was to appear as a witness in the RICO preliminary injunction hearing in the case against David Mayo. He told me how to answer questions when I was asked by Mayo's attorneys and also what I should say when Earle himself asked me questions.

The last question I asked Earle Cooley before I went on as a witness was this, "What do I say if someone asks where I got the copy that I now submit as evidence to the court, of Mayo's newly authored NOTs materials?"

Earle Cooley told me to say that a concerned parishioner dropped it off at RTC anonymously. Cooley was fully aware at the time of the fact that Scientology paid an informant to steal Mayo's NOTs issues. For some weeks before, like me, Cooley had been receiving reports and was being verbally briefed by Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige on every intelligence operation ongoing in Scientology. Now he had a chance to act out his own fantasies and create or be part of creating new ideas to torment the critics and enemies of Scientology. Why does almost every lawyer in America think he's an expert spy? I don't know. Now it seemed I'd hired Mr. Get Smart Cooley to show and teach me how to lie in court. Again, amazingly, the point never even came up.

I could go on at length with stories like this about Earle Cooley. But maybe just this one story will help refresh his memory for the next time he talks to a columnist for the Boston Globe.

This is how Earle Cooley walked in the door of Scientology. Things only got worse from his advice on how to carry out covert intelligence operations, always "off the record. After the 1977 FBI raid the amount of covert intelligence operations that were being done in Scientology had diminished. But when Earle Cooley hooked up with Scientology, covert operations started increasing again. Some trend Mr. Cooley got started.

Out of all the so-called "brilliant leaders" in Scientology during the time I was there, the only major players that had a college education were the lawyers. I'll let you tell me what happened then. The old maxim applies: Never give a sucker an even break, and the attorneys have played DM, who never even finished high school, for a total fool. Soon he will be thrown away, just like he threw L Ron Hubbard away and for the same reasons.

It would be wrong for me to give Earle Cooley credit for more intellectual prowess than he deserves. Other lawyers were involved who were much more intelligent and much more highly paid than Earle Cooley. Cooley had criminal tendencies so he seemed to fit in well with Scientology.

Another difference in the other lawyers is they never ever claimed to be Scientologists, which was true. There was nothing Scientology could do for these lawyers but pay them handsomely. I believe for me to reveal or speak against those particular attorneys could threaten my life. However, in the event of death, what I know has been written down and will survive me. I'm truly not worried about such a fate at this time, it's out of my hands, literally.

Alex Beam also wrote:

"I contend that Cooley is more than "just" a lawyer for Scientology. I say he is deeply allied with one of the greatest anti-intellectual movements of our time, and his activities are wildly incompatible with his status as top official of a major American university."

This conclusion could not be more accurate given the lack of education by current Scientology managing agent David Miscavige. Not to mention the lack of formal education by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard has been dead for nearly 12 years. He died mentally incompetent, a victim of his own machinations.

I sure hope Mr. Cooley and his conscience reacquaint. Reason? It's time for him to be honest about his relationship with Scientology. The truth has always been and will forever be stranger and more fascinating than a lie could ever be.

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse Prince

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