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Subject: INDICTMENT! in McPherson -- Scientology is indictee
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Tommy wrote in message <364CF306.235F@xs.net>

>> *You* dont like it? YOU don't like it??? If these people
>> hadn't gotten suckered into $cientology, they would STILL
>> BE ALIVE! Why don't you contact their families and tell
>> *them* how upset you are?
>> Tommy


> excuse me, but how does one get suckered into Scientology? In
> the end, in Scientology, it is down to the individual. Nobody
> forces you to anything. Its down to You. Its about Thinking
> For Yourself.

No. It is about Controlling Thought. At first, you don't get enough information to know what you are getting into. You think it is just some self-help courses. And by the time you learn what is really going on, you're in so deep, and for so much time and money, that you'll feel you'll expose yourself as a fool for quitting. It's an abuse of people by manipulation every step of the way, using every technique from hypnosis to mental blackmail. If I'm wrong, straighten me out. I'll read every response carefully.

Scientology is always presented as factual, proven technology which doesn't require supernatural beliefs, or faith, to work. So, in order to give you a chance to work your way up to the startling ALIEN MIND IMPLANT and SPACE OPERA, and to protect you from stimulating your R6 implant which has safety factors built-in that keep you from believing, they teach you these secrets on a gradient.

At first, almost all information is withheld except the amazing results possible, and that whatever you believe is your personal truth and no one can deny or contradict that. You start by purchasing courses that can improve your mind. They are aimed at making you communicate better. First, sign the contract which disclaims everything that was said so far, tells you nothing is promised, and restricts you from suing for any reason. [See the cult's McShane court testimony for details of this.]

You purchase training. One training routine has you stare for hours at a single spot, showing no emotions or reaction. If you react, you start over for another couple of hours. The training you purchase gets slightly harder. Stare for hours at a spot while the teacher yells and insults you. You can't react or stop staring. If you do, you flunk and must start over until you comply with the rules. [Check the cult's TR training routines for details of this.]

Next you purchase training for your "reactive mind". Remember, you don't know you're a kidnapped deluded alien stuck in a human meat body. You just think you're you. That is WAY above your gradient so the truth is kept from you and will be for quite a few purchases yet. So you jest get a few basic facts to start. Your mind is partly analytical, and partly reactive. The reactive part is kind of involuntary. Suppose you have a serious operation while you are a kid. You're knocked out on the table, and one of the surgeons says "I'm late. My wife is going to kill me." Well, twenty years later when you have a wife, you may find yourself with unexplained fears and anxiety that your wife is going to kill you. Coincidentally, these thoughts become most overwhelming when you are late for something. [See the cult's "What is Scientology" book for more details on this - I've made up my own example here.]

You purchase therepy for your reactive mind, called "auditing". Starting with some problem you perceive, such as "I have unreasonable fear my wife is going to kill me. I know it's not true but I can't help these feelings", the cult-trained auditor regresses you to an earlier time.

"When was the very first time you felt this way?" Slowly, you realize the problem was that operation you had as a kid. You are relieved and are required to write up a statment of your winning feelings and the worth and worthyness of what you've purchased, and praise for what dead cult founder L. Ron Hubbard has done for you. You now realize you can buy your way up to the ultimate - clearing your reactive mind completely. The ultimate state of "Clear". In fact, the goal of the cult is a "Clear planet".

So, you purchase the road to Clear, at an hourly rate. Slowly, very slowly, these sessions you've purchased take you back and back in time until you realize you're going back into past lives. You start to realize you're an immortal being that has picked up many bodies along the time track. The whole track goes back millions of trillions of trillions of years. Eventually you do get to realize your soul, or "thetan" as the cult calls it, is an immortal, powerful being, and by purchasing a lot more services from the cult, you can unleash the total freedom and power within. You now realize you can buy your way up to the ultimate - total freedom. The ultimate state of "Operating Thetan".

Now you're in trouble. A clear person is in danger, great danger. A Clear must be moved up to Operating Thetan as quickly as possible. It is an extremely dangerous time. You pretty much know that you are immortal, powerful, can potentially do anything, but you still don't know the overall. The big reason things are the way they are. The answer to life, the universe and everything. So it is imperitive the cult sales staff get you to purchase each of the proper steps quickly so you can be brought up through the Operating Thetan levels.

You buy each level one at a time. Each one involves many hours of work. And you better do them right or you'll have to buy make-up services. And your auditor better do them right because if he doesn't you'll have to buy make-up services. And you better not complain because if you act suppressive you'll have to buy make-up services. And any friends you tell about the cult better not complain because if they do you'll have to disconnect from them and also buy make-up services. So behave. Work hard. You've already spent years and tens of thousands of dollars pursuing total freedom, and don't want to seem like a fool.

Purchase each level by the hour. Operating Thetan I. Operating Thetan II. Operating Thetan III. That's the biggie, OT III. That is where you learn of Xenu for the very first time. YOU ARE NOT AN EARTHLING. You're an alien, infested with aliens. But it's more than just "space opera", as the cult calls it. It's what you've been groomed for, what you've been set up for, what you've been trained to believe unresistingly for all this time. It's the answer. NOW you know why we are so troubled on this planet, why we get sick, how we are tied down, how we've been abused. Man is basically good. In fact, man is basically great, teriffic. But we were victimized by Xenu. We've been brainwashed. And thank God (oops) for the cult, which is UN-BRAINWASHING US! They are un-brainwashing us, removing these fetters and misconceptions that we didn't even know we had? So, what's next? How will my total freedom finally be accomplished?

There are more OT levels that will do it. Purchase them. They are very very expensive but what is a thousand dollars per hour or more when not just your freedom, but world and galactic freedom is at state? The goal of the cult is to Clear this planet, then Clear the nearby planets, then Clear all the planets in the galactic confederation. No way you're going to obstruct that, it's bigger than you or anyone, especially bigger than the legislative powers that be on this prison planet dumping ground.

You'll buy "Super Power" services. You'll know who you're NOT. You're anxious to be free and learn who you really ARE. What's holding me back? What are the last steps on the bridge to total freedom? I'm so close!

It's those other aliens infesting you. When you went Clear, you cleared your reactive mind. But you've got hundreds of other alien souls inside you and THEY have reactive minds. Worse minds than yours. You are the strongest of the bunch, which is why you the thetan control the meat body as a whole, but the thoughts of those other alien beings are still dragging you down. Their thoughts are bad. Their thoughts are evil, deluded. The alien infestation must be dealt with. How?

You'll purchase sessions that will exorcise the demons. The cult's E-Meter helps you. You'll be a "New Operating Thetan" by purchasing the NOTs sessions by the hour. There are many of them. They are extremely expensive but think of that you know already. Think of what you've invested in time and cash value. You're so close. Really, this time you're close!

The sessions you purchase involve E-Meter auditing. The auditor interrogates you and by the reactions of you and the wiggles on his meter, he diagnoses the problem - alien "Body Thetans" (BTs) stuck to you! He finds one, and runs incidents on it. He uses the meter to determine which BT it is. He sort of tells it is is an independent being, and eventually it "blows" off your body. OK! Do the next one. The next one. The next one.

Those BTs are alien beings just like you. They might have been your family, your neighbors, back on your peaceful home planet Coltice. But who gives a damn where they go when they blow from your body? They didn't pay through the nose for services, you did. So let's deal with you and not think about freeloaders.

Once you've purchased OT VIII, that's as high as you can go today. OT VIII is very expensive and is only given on the roaming-in-international-waters cult cruise ship, the Freewinds. It's taken many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get here. There aren't that many OTVIII's in the world. You are the elite customer indeed.

But there are OTVIIIs and they look just like the rest of us. They aren't Gods, they still have bodies, they even still pay Federal Income Taxes. So what's up? Don't worry.

There are more levels. These levels will REALLY DO IT! They will really unleash you from all restraints. Imagine freedom from and full control over Matter, Energy, Space and Time! It's going to be GREAT when these levels are released. We are going to release the next one real soon now, as soon as all our current opganizations reach a level of income that makes them of sufficient size. We've been incinh up to that continuously, for years and years. We'll be there pretty soon, I think! If you help us expand we'll get there all the sooner. So recruit your friends! One communication course, what's it going to do, kill them? So get moving. We are counting on you to help us here! And keep hope alive, because YOU are near the top of the list to be FIRST to have real, total freedom!

L. Ron Hubbard was a genius. He has crafted such a vast, inventive, franchised scam that it still works after 50 years, snaring good people who want to help themselves, curious people who want answers to life's questions, sick people who want to be healed. It still works, more than a decade after his death.

[Adapted from a longer message I recently posted in the "Deny THIS" thread.]

Mike O'Connor - lepton@panix.com

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