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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Swedish headlines
From: "Bo Strömberg"
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:57:17 +0200

Those of you who speak swedish can check out Svenska Dagbladet today ( http://www.svd.se/svd/ettan/dagens/Arkiv_X.html). Perhaps someone will do a translation, but for now enjoy these excerpts.

The headline reads "We have tried to read the scientologists' bible: like the X-Files, but worse script."

[After presenting a summary of OTIII as an X-Files episode, and the fact that people can read OTIII and more for free, partly because people (that would be you) publish "secret Scientology documents in a steady stream" on the internet]:

"What could be the final blow to Hubbard, dianetics and Scientology is the revelation that the plot, the script, is not just extremely unlikely, but above all, that it is so flat and absuredly uninteresting. We are dealing with a script on the same level as a really miserable science fiction movie like Stargate.

What the scientologists would need is their own Chris Carter, who could update the Xenu story and make as sexy and thrilling as the X-Files.

For the moment the intelligent and entertaining X-Files theory about the ongoing development of an extraterrestial/terrestial hybrid being, appears a lot more credible than the existence of 75 million year old thetans in our bodies. ..."

They also quote OTIII directly. The quote contains the words "December", "plunge" and "knocked out".

They also present some facts about Scientology in Sweden: the tax exempt status was revoked in 1987 and their membership is between 500 and 2,000. They state that the "Scientology movement" has about 600,000 members in the world.

Bo Strömberg

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