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From roland.rashleigh-berry@virgin.net Thu Jan 14 11:50:37 1999
Subject: Scientology - Religion of Lies
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:50:37 +0000

Scientology is the religion of lies. They lie to you before you even walk in the door of their places. The lie to you to get you to join. They lie to you to get more and more money out of you. They will lie to you when you finally realise the lies and try to leave.

When standing outside one of their places you will notice their "Church of Scientology" sign. They call themselves a "Church". This is a lie. There is no common worship or belief in God, in Scientology.

You notice the sign advertising a free personality test. This is a lie. They are trying to get you in so that they can hard-sell to you. they want your money. ALL of it.

You walk in the door. You see the sign "staff wanted". This is a lie. If you "join staff" by signing their contract you will discover that you have no right to pay and no pension. You will be a "volunteer" who is forced to work for them otherwise you will have to pay for the courses they pressure you into doing or persuade you to do by lying that if you do the courses you will be succesful and make money.

You sit down to do the personality test. You ask them if it will take long. They say "no". This is a lie. It will take yu about an hour to answer the 200 stupid questions. Then you have to wait at least 30 minutes before they score it and can interview you.

While doing the test you look araound. You see a sign on the wall saying that if you have a medical problem you should see a doctor. The sign says they don't treat medical problems. This is a lie. If you a member and you get ill you are labelled "PTS" and you will have to receive counselling from them. They will discourage you from seeking medical help.

So you finish the test. You get the results back. Again they lie. The test is designed to exaggerate flaws in your character that they will then exploit to sell to you.

They will probably succeed in selling you the Dianetics book. You go away and read it. It is full of lies. It says Dianetics is a proven science. That is a double lie. It is neither proven, nor is it a science. The book says that a person once "Clear" has perfect recall. That is a lie. They say a "Clear" can think out chess problems in a fraction of the time it would take them if they were not Clear. This is a lie. they say Clears live longer and have better health. A double lie.

You go back to them. You want to "go Clear". They tell you it can be done with about 150 hours of Dianetics processing at about $10 per hour. This is a lie. They know that this Diianetics processing will get you nowhere and you will have to stop after about 20 hours. Then when you stop they tell you that you need "Scientology auditing" instead and that will work. This is a lie as well. This auditing will cost you $220 per hour. Again they will tell you you will need 150 hours to reach the state of Clear. They have pulled a "bait-and-switch" fraud on you. The article you came in to buy has been snatched away from you. You now have to pay 22 times as much for it.

You complain that it now costs too much. They tell you you can do it cheaper through training to be an auditor yourself and co-auditing. This is a lie. The standard of auditing you get from this is so poor that it will get you nowhere. You will have to pay the $220 per hour for being "repaired" then after that you will have to pay for all your auditing at $220 per hour. They tell you that their auditors are highly trained professionals. This is a lie. They are neither competent nor professional. You receive this auditing at $220 per hour. You feel worse and worse. The auditing goes on and on until you yourself ask to stop. You are then told that you need "repair auditing" to put things right and then you will be alright. This is a lie. Just a lie to get more money out of you. You get your "repair" and the auditing starts again. It goes on and on using up your money. You complain. The "C/S" will then "review" your folder to check it for errors. This may take 5 days. They will charge you $220 per hour to do this. This is a lie. They will charge you the money but they will not do the work. It is a lie to take so much money off you that you never complain again.

So you go back to auditing again. You have maybe paid up for 75 hours of auditing or "C/Sing" at $220 per hour and gotten nowhere. You spend more. You get nowhere. You complain. They tell you that you need to go to an "Advanced Org" where you will get better auditing. This is a lie. It is more expensive as well.

So you go to the "Advanced org" for auditing after being told that "you will get more gains per hour of auditing than you have ever gotten out of Scientology so far". This is a lie. It will be just as bad. It is more expensive as well. You go through the same routine as above. Finally the C/S "spends 5 days reviewing your folder". This is a lie of course. And since the C/S is a Class XII this review costs $440 per hour. Your money is going fats. they want to sting you for such a huge amount that you will never ever complain again. You have spent in excess of $33,000 and gotten nowhere as well as maybe 2 to 3 years in this fruitless pursuit of the "State of Clear" that they lied to you about. You will probably feel much worse than you did the day before you first walked though the door of a Scientology building. They will tell you that all will be well on the "OT levels". This is a lie, unless telepathically talking to your dead space-alien infestation is of proven benefit.

So after 2 or 3 years you finally work out that you have been conned out of your money. but the "Church" of Scientology, from the outset, promises that it will give a refund if you are not satusfied. This is a lie. This only counts for services received not more than 3 months ago. They have been extracting money out of you for 2 to 3 years always promising a solution. You cannot get that back, only your recent donations. They promise to refund you in full. This is a lie. They take 4% for handling it. They promise from the outset that the only penalty is that you can no longer receive services from them. This is a lie. Inorder to get YOUR money back from them, whether that be money you have spant in the last 3 months or money you have on account with them, you will be forced to sign an agreement that you will never criticise them in the future. In this way they silence all possible dissenters so that this scam can be played on unsuspecting people time and time again.


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