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From elrond@cgo.wave.ca Wed Feb 10 00:42:28 1999
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 01:42:28 -0500

Why is Scientologist Mr. R----- of Avenue Road Roofing Limited in Toronto an apparent religious bigot?

I have recently come into possession of a letter written by Mr R----y, identifiying himself as a Scientologist, in which he deliberately misidentifies my religious beliefs as "pagan" and "witchcraft". Mr. R----- goes on to claim I am a bad parent because those "beliefs" as such may have influenced my son into drug use.

If I were a Pagan or aWiccan I would be incensed! As it is I am seriously outraged at Mr R-----s prejudicial attitude towards a faith, its practices and his presumption my son is guilty as charged.

There are other major issues of misleading and mischaracterisation in this letter, including the outright defamation of another local critic.

How is this a FootNuke?

This letter was sent to the Crown Attorney pressing the charges of possession and trafficking against my son.

This letter of apparent religious bigotry and deceiptful mischaracterisation of my faith was sent to the Crown on October 23 of 1998.

It is apparently a ***public document***.

In the US a District Attorney would not be obligated to pass this kind of Dead Agent crap on to a defendant. In Canada the rules are different. <sigh> Will the Criminally Convicted Corporation of the Co$ never learn?

Perhaps the Co$ Friends of Religous Freedom will Picket Mr R----- at his home or at the Company he works for?


Hypocrisy! Within days of this letter being sent the Co$/FRL was outside my home accusing *me* of religious intolerance!

As soon as it is cleared by my legal advisors I will be posting the complete text of Mr. R-----s [ likely OSA directed or dictated] four page letter to ABS as gifs and to ARS as a post.

And it ~will~ show his complete unredacted name, address and phone numbers.

The depositions (if any) on this one will be most interesting to hear and eventually for all to read.

OSA, just to remind Mr. R-----, you might want to pass that on, eh? Mr R----- does not wish me to call him again on the phone after I rang him up and gave him the courtesy of telling him his Scientology Criminal Cult had likely put his neck in a legal wringer. I assured him tho' he was not alone as in Canada any criminal act benefiting the Co$ by a member or agent of the Co$ is deemed to have originated with the Co$ itself. OTOH Mr. R----y claims to be a Co$ member since 1972, therefore he should know better,eh? Or maybe he knows too well? If not he will soon.<grin> Stirred back into more peaceful legal action,

Gregg Hagglund SP5

Rendered Net Invisible to Participating Victims of Co$ by Co$. Toronto Picket Reports now at:

< http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/8412/>

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET


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