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"That has nothing to do with Church"

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February 25, 1999

State Women's meeting of the Farm Association in city hall - Presentation on Scientology

Bad Neustadt - Suspenseful theme at the State Women's
meeting: Renate Hartwig deplores the latent danger of an
infiltration of society by Scientology.

by Oliver Schikora

"Sects," said Reverend Karl-Heinz Mergenthaler at the State Women's meeting in the city auditorium, which was filled to the last seat, "sects always target people who have been left alone to fend for themselves." This is a condition which makes clear a social malfunction "of which every Christian must be made aware."

The women at the meeting kept these words in mind during the main presentation by Renate Hartwig from Memmingen, one of the most acknowledged and well-known Scientology experts of Germany. The audience already had a lot to think about with her perceptions about Scientology and its practices in Germany.

For the heartened expert, Scientology is "not a sect, but a commercial enterprise which would make a better theme for for criminologists, for the state attorney's office and the Constitutional Security agency." The designation of "church," which was given to the organization just 40 years ago after its founding by L. Ron Hubbard "has nothing, but nothing at all, to do with religion, and the title of "sect" continues to be used to lull people into a false sense of security," warned Hartwig, who, after personal experience with Scientology, has been involved with it since 1990, and offers extensive help to its former members.

It is exactly this comprehensive insight into the structure of the organization which continues to appall Renate Hartwig. Because of this, she has been fighting for years to bring a certain awareness of the sect to people, especially in the country. Mass mailings by the organization which started four weeks ago in the county show that Scientology's much talked about infiltration of Germany is a theme for discussion even in Rhoen-Grabfeld.

The problems and the danger posed by Scientology to society were made plain by Hartwig with examples. "A mafia-like structure has been constructed under the protective cloaking designation of 'church,' and it is a commercial enterprise with claims to political power," explained Hartwig, who is glad that Scientology has been under surveillance for the past year by the Constitutional Security agency.

The writings of Scientology founder Hubbard, who died in 1986, are rather clear: political world power using all means, infiltration of society, brainwashing its members and total control using a private secret service, with whom Renate Hartwig, as a critic of Scientology, has had constant experience with.

Hartwig warns "of the media's playing down of Scientology." The enterprise has been active in Germany for 27 years, "hundreds of children" are being raised by Scientology today, "so something is going to have to happen." All of society, Hartwig stated, following Reverend Mergenthaler's lead, is now being asked to do away with this danger.

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