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This happens a lot inside of Scientology. The cult uses hypnosis and brainwashing to extract every last penny from its victims to such extent that their victims are driven insane -- in any one of a broad spectrum of specific ways, ranging fromm the mildly insane to the bark-raving madman.

L. Ron Hubbard was well aware of what he was doing when he came up with these diabolical scams. The consequences are what we see in this report: The woman did what she did because of the mental abuses heaped upon her by the Scientology cult.

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I cannot find any information on the dead ex-scientologists in Denmark. But unfortunately they are there somewhere... :-(

Suicide attempt:


IS CoS responsible for the death of two innocent babies? Judge for yourself:

Re: Babysitter killed the twins more options

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More information, first from the TORONTO STAR WWW site: (Warning - a couple of the details may be upsetting to some)

[ PREVIOUS STORY ] October 1, 1996 [ NEXT STORY ] [Image]

Canadian twin babies mutilated in Denmark, nanny turns herself in

By Rebecca Bragg - Toronto Star Staff Reporter

Police in Copenhagen say they still don't know why a nanny mutilated, then killed one-year-old Canadian twins in the Danish capital Saturday night.

"We still know nothing," a spokesperson for the Copenhagen city police said yesterday. "She is in custody, but we don't know why she did what she did."

While Debbie and Aimé Hiver were at work at a cleaning company Saturday, police say, their 47-year-old nanny, Ludmila Vassilieva, appeared at a local police station with a stroller bearing the bodies of their daughter, Lauren, and son, Hervé.

Debbie Hiver, who lived in Toronto during the early 1980s, said in a statement issued with her husband, a native of France: "More than anything we want to have our children back and we are not sure how we will ever recover from our loss."


Marie Louise Schroder, a reporter who has been following the bizarre case for Ekstra Bladet, a Copenhagen newspaper, said Vassilieva has told police she drowned and sexually mutilated the babies while bathing them, then dressed their bodies, placed them in a stroller and wandered around the Danish capital for about an hour before asking passersby for directions to a police station.

Although Vassilieva has admitted to sexually mutilating the babies with scissors after their deaths, Schroder said Danish coroners believe that the mutilations happened while the children were still alive.

Vassilieva, like the Hivers, is a member of the Church of Scientology, and in a public letter the parents laid the blame for their nanny's behavior on psychiatric treatment, "which not only does not help but can influence a person to kill."

Scientology has been outspoken in its opposition to psychiatry for many years.

"We only just found out that our babysitter was earlier under psychiatric treatment," the parents wrote. "Now we can see why this happened and can see that she herself was a victim."


Vassilieva, a mother of three, whom the children called "Luzi," appeared before a judge on Sunday.

The woman, who witnesses described as "calm and cool" throughout the hearing, said she did not know why she had killed the children, Schroder said.

Vassilieva, who hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, emigrated to Italy at the age of 22 and later acquired Italian citizenship.

Debbie Hiver has two other children, age 13 and 14, who do not live with the couple. The twins would have had Canadian citizenship through their mother.

Vassilieva, who cannot be named by Danish media, had worked for the Hivers for a couple of months, receiving food, housing and pocket money in return for cleaning and babysitting.


With files from Dale Anne Freed and Nicolaas van Rijn

More from TORONTO SUN article:

(Picture of Square brick house behind large front lawn in what appears to be a semi-rural setting - child's tricycle in foreground)

Mother identidfied as Deborrah Hele Hiver of Canada, father as Paul Maurice Hiver, of France, Both members of CO$.

Canada's Dept. Foreign affairs confirmed the two victims were Canadian citizens.

The Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen has been in touch with officials of CO$ "to relay messages of condolence to mother and her husband, and to offer assistance."

"Last night Toronto Scientology spokesman Al Butnor could not confirm the couple were Scientology staff members."

"I've just heard about it", he said, and could offer no further information until he'd heard the family's wishes.'


(end article)

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET


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