Scientology Crime Syndicate

From fanjet@iinet.com.au Sat Feb 27 12:05:06 1999
Subject: Re: Moscow Scientology Center Raided COS Raid in Second day
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 18:05:06 GMT

"Feadog" <feadog@snip.net> wrote:

> I'm far from a CO$ booster, but this dosen't sound very
> encouraging for any fledgling 'democracy'. They've been
> hammering other groups too.

Ah yes, but such is the nature of communist and post-communist countries such as Russia and China. Exporting Scientology into such countries is hardly a good idea, knowing the political and religious climate.

Scientology is hardly has a long-standing history of wanting to help Joe Public in any country at all. We all knew this was going to happen one day because Scientology is *not* about freedom and social betterment, it's about getting Hubbard's bullshit spread around and sending money uplines.

"It takes 25 books to make a Scientologist." - I don't see much about religious devotion in that statement. They are their own worst enemies in regards to their actions and published historical activities and are hardly in the throes of reformation.

They reap what they sow. They run their own "concentration camp" style RPFs and employ a psuedo-militaristic approach to their operations (SO) and demand staffers rat each other out with knowledge reports.

Tell me, does this sound like something that Russia used to be like or what? Do we imagine they'd welcome a secretive and tax-evading psycho group from the USA in their midst?

Besides, we all know that most of the staff would be better off out of the grip of Scientology. I vote thumbs down. Let Scientology be terminated in Russia. Do you think any individual associated with Scientology in Russia would give their lives for their beliefs? They were all sucked in, after all.

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