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From clkates@aol.com Fri Feb 26 13:12:14 1999
Subject: ANALYSIS: Russia raids Scientology
Date: 26 Feb 1999 11:12:14 -0800

Chris, thanks for the analysis!

What a change from the days of Kiriyenko...Soon after Kiriyenko was nominated for Prime Minister, the IAS rep made an appearance at Philadelphia Org, soliciting all present to pay $2000 to put up a billboard in Germany supporting Scientology. At the same time, he proudly announced that a Scientologist was going to be Prime Minister of Russia. "We're gonna clear Russia!" he said, and all present responded happily.

Then again, Scientology also had high hopes for Albania, and the rest of Eastern Europe. The IAS rep present also alluded to "And Puerto Rico next!" Last year there was some attempt on the part of Scientology to make a major incursion into Puerto Rico; the Philly DSA, Tim Lomas, flew there for a week or two. This was going on at the same time I was leaving Scn--mid-May--so I never did learn the purpose of the visit, or what exactly was going on in PR.

Either way, I haven't seen much sign of a "clear Puerto Rico," and it's nice to see Scientology's plans for massive influence in Russia have been firmly defeated. Kiriyenko, far from what he claimed, was considered "onlines" by IAS, which saw his nomination as a step toward "clear Russia"--perhaps there was more high-level fraud behind the scenes in Russian Scientology, as in Albania, deeply involved in economic affairs.


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