Scientology Crime Syndicate

Subject: my one and only experience with scientology
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 00:22:12 -0500

as a recovering addict about 12 years ago, my family sent me to Narconon, not knowing what it was about. On entering and seeing the picture of Ron L. Hubbard, I asked if they were affiliated with the church(very naive at the time) to which I was told NO, were not. Making a very long story short, after about 13 days of attending Narconon(an absolute scam)setting them up to trap them, to get the truth of who they were, worked, so it was time for me to leave. Unfortunately, I had had some very good, high-profile media connections, and these guys wanted me, and my "friends".

I had my unlisted phone number changed 3 times within about 4-5 days, with them able to get through within 5 minutes each time I changed it. Finally, the RCMP had to intervene and a story was told to the next caller, something about my flying to England the next day. Both airports were watched,and the police noticed a person at each end of the airports, waiting to talk/harass me. Finally, they stopped calling. This, all without my ever stepping one foot in to their little church/cult. If I had been a member, I would hate to imagine how far they would have taken it. A year later, newstation here, in Toronto, flirted with the idea of an expose on them, with my story being told. However, unknown to a lot of people, but quickly remembered when this all took place. one of their TV hosts, at the time, Dini Petty, was a scientologist and we were left to imagine that she was able to pull the plug on that idea-and this is where my story with them ended, thank god!

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