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Sunday, January 22, 1984

How do Scientologists continue to evade law?
(Clearwater Sun editorial)

The conventional wisdom is that swallows never change their flight nor leopards their spots.

Another sage saying warns that "where there's smoke there's fire."

Both seem to apply to the Church of Scientology.

For many months, the self-styled church has campaigned vigorously to convince the public that skulduggery attributed to it in the past would not be condoned by today's squeaky-clean administration.

But the Machiavellian face of L. Ron Hubbard still looms behind the toothy smiles and sanctimonious utterances of the new administrators.

And forming a phalanx of protection for him is the infamous "Guardian Office/Watchdog Committee," an organization dedicated to the destruction of Hubbard's enemies by any means, fair or foul.

For the umpteenth time in recent years, a black pall of smoke is billowing from Hubbard's direction, and it stinks to high heaven.

Several sources have told the Clearwater Sun that Hubbard masterminded a plot to compromise U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman. The sources said $250,000 was allocated to a plan to lure the judge into the company of prostitutes then blackmail him into giving a favorable ruling to the Scientologists.

The plot misfired. But the mere attempt - if proven - would constitute a serious crime.

The story should be unbelievable. But, as Clearwater Mayor Kathy Kelly points out, it's not even shocking. It's no more than the community has come to expect from the Scientologists.

Clearwater police and the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department confirm they are conducting "criminal investigations" into the activities of the Clearwater-based cult.

And the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa is reliably reported to be preparing a grand jury proceeding.

That's reassuring. But the question remains: Why is it taking so long for the law to catch up with the Scientologists?

There seems to be no lack of evidence against the mulimillion-dollar organization.

In the 1982 hearings organized by the city of Clearwater, a flood of condemnation gushed from former cult members who appeared eager to testify. Newsletters have been circulated and lawsuits filed by disenchanted Scientologists alleging any number of criminal acts, including enslavement, fraud, entrapment, theft and harassment.

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