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Subject: Severe reality adjustment
From: Emerald < emerald@nym.alias.net >
Date: 18 Jul 1998 05:43:04 -0000

Julie Mayo:

In the summer of 1983 something called S.R.A.s started up at S.U. (Gilman Hot Springs). I don't know who started the practice, but it is something that David Miscavige embraced and engaged in on many occasions. A "S.R.A." was a "severe reality adjustment" and it consisted of several people ganging up on another person and interrogating and intimidating that person.

The victim was thereby virtually "shocked" into a different reality -- that is why it was called a "severe reality adjustment".

Stacy Young:

One day [David] Miscavige discovered that Jim [Isaacson] had lost a large amount of money in a bad investment in the gold market. Miscavige ordered two of his lieutenants, Norman Starkey and Terri Gamboa to stand by. Miscavige and Starkey literally dragged Jim into the conference room.

My office was directly opposite on the other side of the hallway, so that I heard everything that happened. For the next three and a half hours, Miscavige screamed curses and wild, paranoid accusations, and told Jim he wanted to know who had sent him to destroy Scientology, whether he worked for the IRS, whether he was active in the FBI, which other agents were working for him inside of Scientology, etc., etc. I heard Jim repeatedly deny the accusations, and Miscavige's answer was just to yell at him some more.

Finally Miscavige tore my door open, stormed into my office, and ordered me to go in there to get the information out of Jim, and to not let him go until he had confessed to everything. I have never seen a person acting as Miscavige had then. [...]

As I entered the room, Jim was collapsed over the table. His eyes were glossed over. He was twitching uncontrollably. Instead of following the order from Miscavige to continue with the interrogation, I did my best to calm Jim down. He was in a terrible, cold fear. I told him he should go home and get a little sleep.


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