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4 Mar 2001
Frontline: A.L.F. Claim Fire Atack On Meat Trucks (NY, USA)

Frontline Information Service - News 3/04/01



March 05, 2001

Long Island City, NY - The underground Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for an attack on several trucks belonging to an Astoria, Queens meat packing company. In an anonymous Communique sent to the ALF Press Office, the activists state that in the early morning hours of March 02 they planted incendiary devices under two trucks belonging to Schaller and Weber Meat Packing Plant, 2235 46th St., Long Island City (718-721-5480).

The Communique released by the ALF activists claim that the incendiary devices did ignite and caused an unknown amount of damage to both trucks.

"The ALF activists have taken this action against the meat industry to continue their campaign of economic sabotage against all companies who profit from the misery, torture and death inflicted upon animals in the name of profit," states David Barbarash, ALF spokesperson.

According to the Communique, the action against Schaller and Weber was done in support of two animal and environmental activists: Long Island's Andy Stepanian and Bloomington, Ind. activist Frank Ambrose. Andy Stepanian was convicted of an ALF action against a fur store where a window was smashed. He was released from jail on March 03. Frank Ambrose is facing charges relating to a tree spiking action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. Both activists have maintained their innocence.

The Animal Liberation Front is an international underground movement of people who choose to take non-violent direct action against animal abuse industries. These actions include liberating animals and property destruction. The ALF adhere to a strict code of non-violence which states that no injury or death must come to any animal or human in the course of the action. In the twenty years of ALF activity in North America this guideline has never been breached.

"Meat companies and packing plants are frequent targets of animal liberation activists because of the inherent cruelty of raising an animal for slaughter," comments David Barbarash. "From the rearing of cows, pigs and chickens, to their confinement, to their ultimate slaughter all involve cruelty, pain, suffering and ultimately, death."

Schaller and Weber trucks were damaged as part of a continued campaign of economic sabotage. The ALF have been active in North America since the late 1980's and throughout the 1990's, targeting mainly meat and fur businesses.

In recent months several direct actions have taken place against animal abuse industries in the New York area:

On Dec. 29, 2000 the ALF smashed out all the windows of Hewlett furrier Tres Chic Furs, spray painted anti-fur slogans and destroyed ten coats wed red paint. The following day, Dec. 30, the ALF monkey wrenched ten trucks belonging to a Rockville Center dairy operation, slashing 32 tires, most of the vehicles' windows, cutting coolant and electrical cables, as well as other damage. Twelve storefront windows were also smashed.

On Feb. 05 unidentified activists smashed four large display windows and the glass door of Burger King on the University of Buffalo campus, and the following day, Feb. 06, the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for smashing the front windows of Corlina Furs in New York City.

Communiques claiming responsibility for all of the above-mentioned actions are available from the ALF Press Office.

The North American ALF Press Office is run independently and separately from the ALF, and is not a participant in illegal activities. The Press Office receives and forwards information from the underground activists. Further information and interviews are available at 250-703-6312.

Local contact: Long Island Animal Defense League, 631-340-4708.

The full text of the ALF Communique is as follows:

"In the early morning hours of March 2nd, we planted two incendiary devices underneath two trucks belonging to The Schaller and Weber Meat Packing Plant in Astoria, Queens. The incendiary devices did an unknown amount of damage to the trucks, although it was evident that the trucks caught fire.

Until the institutional abuse of animals is put to an end we will continue to destroy the property used to exploit innocent life.

This action was carried out in support of Andrew Stepanian, and Frank Ambrose, both dedicated members of our strong above-ground support groups. The unjust treatment of these activists will never intimidate us into stopping our activities.

We will not stop until they do,

-- The Animal Liberation Front"


North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office

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