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Cursory Review of Evidence Find More Evidence

July 31, 1998

Washington, DC -- A review of public records by Anarchist News Service has found that a link between the recent New York Times ad calling for Mumia's execution and the Cult of Scientology, originally reported to ANS by a fourth party investigator, "very likely."

The evidence revealed by the review is as follows:

The web page, http://www.justice4danielfaulkner.com, is hosted by earthlink.net, a corporation owned by Scientologists. A WHOIS search on the web page shows that the Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts all are located in the Earthlink headquarters. This practice is in direct conflict with the practice being employed with other earthlink clients, who all list, at the very least, an independent administrative contact. What this means to the layman is that the content on the site is being administered by earthlink.net's headquarters and that the site is being paid for by earthlink.net, which means that the site is being controlled by a Scientologist front group. For those who want to confirm this, call this Administrative contact at 626-296-5561, E-mail the administrative contact at justice4df@earthlink.net, or call Earthlink 626-296-2400.

Furthermore, there are no names given for people who support the group. The group describes itself in the "Who Are We" link as "We are not affiliated with any police organization. We are simply a group of individuals that has grown tired of seeing the outrageous lies and distortions that various Jamal supporters have spread unchallenged, through the media and on the internet. We have gone to great lengths to research the true facts of this case and present them here for the first time. We intend to continue our research and update this site in the future. Your comments are welcome."

While Leonard Weinglass, in his response to the ad, mentions that it alleges to speak for the Fraternal Order of Police and that it is alledgedly headed by the widow of Daniel Faulkner, no evidence of these associations is forthcoming. Furthermore, the group does not officially exist, has not been filed as a charitable organization or as a corporation, has no bank account, in Philadelphia, where it maintains its PO Box, or in Pasadena, California, where it's domain name contact address and phone number are listed.

This kind of anonymity is uncharacteristic, to say the least, of the FOP or of the widow of Daniel Faulkner. Both have enough experience, if not personally, then certainly in the people advising them, to set up a proper corporation and to properly collect money, and both have enough reason to make the ad that they would publically take responsibility without any reason to hide.

That said, it is even more suspicious that the organization "Justice for Daniel Faulkner" DID NOT EXIST until June 12, 1998, four days before the ad was printed. When did it collect the donations it has alleged it collected? Did it collect thirty to eighty thousand dollars (the price of a full page NY Times ad) in four days? Doubtful!

So we know that Justice for Daniel Faulkner's web pages are being run by the Scientologists, we now Justice for Daniel Faulkner raised an enormous sum of money in four days of existence, and we know that no one is publically willing to affiliate themselves with Justice for Daniel Faulkner and that there is no public record of its existence other than the aforementioned web pages, a PO Box and an unsigned ad. (And right now there are folk investigating the ownership of the PO Box and the ad, results of the investigation will hopefully be forthcoming next week -- for you junior slueths, the PO Box's number is 39270 in Philadelphia, PA, 19136.)

So this begs the question of what Scientology's motivation is? While there is an allegation, as yet unproven, but with evidence promising to come, that Earthlink invaded the E-mail of a communist writer got the idea for the campaign from there, even without that evidence, there is evidence enough of Scientology's virulent anti-Communist and anti-leftist witch hunts. As early as 1940, L Ron Hubbard was known to be reporting alleged "security risks" to the FBI, and a series of documents released by the FBI show that in repeated meetings with FBI agents L Ron Hubbard turned over names, files, and even fingerprints(!) of Scientologists he believed to be communists.

In one FBI file about a a meeting with Hubbard, the agent notes "Hubbard advised that he felt communists within his organization were undermining its structure. He advised that he had turned over the names of several suspected Communists to the FBI office in Los Angeles. ... Hubbard stated that he strongly feels that Dianetics can be used to combat communism." In a letter to the FBI in another file, Hubbard states, "a motion was made and passed that everyone employed by the Hubbard Research Dianetics Foundations everywhere should be requested to sign a strong oath of loyalty to the US government, a denial of Communism and that their fingerprints be taken and forwarded to the FBI.... The foundation has assumed a highly punitive stand on Communism. I shall shortly be in Washington to go over this matter with the government."

Since the time of those documents, the Church of Scientology has continued to support law enforcement by funding police departments, most notably the Los Angeles Police Department, to which it has contributed tens of thousands of thousands of dollars. In addition, notably, Church of Scientology functions have been attended by a number of Los Angeles City officials, most notably at a CoS award ceremony in 1995, where it presented $25,000 to a deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. It is reasonable to believe, given its history of corrupting public officials, that it might continue these activities, perhaps in Philadelphia, or within the FOP.

So a cursory examination of the information available to the public does not contradict, in the least, the assertion that Justice For Daniel Faulkner is being by Scientology, and even reaffirms it, by pointing to certain links in the ownership of the web pages and methods of acting that point frighteningly to the neo-fascist cult.


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