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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = RENEGADE <> = = I AM THE ONE YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = MINDSCAPE FAMOUS GAMES SOLUTIONS : UNINVITED = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = IN COOPERATION WITH : JUST SAY YES. 2 LINES, MORE THAN 1500 FILES ONLINE! = = DO YOU WRITE? GIVE US A CALL! 415-922-2008 CASFA = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What a night to be out driving! How it happened doesn't matter; but, boy, are you in a mess. The last thing you remember is that something jumped out in front of you while you and your little brother were out for an evening drive -- you swerved the car smack into a tree. The smell of a ruptured gas tank signals your instinct to survive. You OPEN the car door and go out with your first move. As soon as you click your mouse to get out of the car you hear an explosion -- better get moving. With the car gone, you have no choice but to go inside that haunted-looking house that looks like it came straight out of a comic book. Before you go inside the House, it would only be fitting to find out where you are. A good place to check would be the mailbox. OPEN the mailbox. Guess what? It looks like you're in luck because there's a letter inside. EXAMINE the envelope. Oh, no! You're at the Crowley House on 666 (sign of the Devil) Blackwell Road, Loch Ness, Scotland. Loch Ness: doesn't that mean monsters? If only you could turn around -- well it's too late. If you're in this much trouble, you might as well snoop around some more. OPEN the envelope. EXAMINE the letter. The letter contains a clue that the amulet might be good against the undead. DRAG the amulet into your inventory. It might come in handy. Now OPEN the front door and go through it. What a creepy house. The door has slammed shut behind you and it doesn't want to open up. What kind of trouble are you in now? EXAMINE the various pictures and the furniture. After your ordeal, why don't you sit down (OPERATE) and rest your feet on either of the chairs. Ouch! One of the chairs hurt you! (Remember this: You'll want revenge later.) OPEN both doors. First, go inside the room to your east (all orientation in this game is northern). You're in the Library. Notice the book on the table. EXAMINE the book. OPEN the book then EXAMINE the book again. There are some definitions that you would be well advised to write down in your notebook. Go out of the Library back into the Entrance Hall. Now go out the door to the northwest to the Hall. There are five exits, including the one you just passed through. Your best bet is to go upstairs first. Maybe that's where you'll find your little brother. The Upstairs Hallway has six exits, including the stairway you just came up. OPEN all the doors. Now to check out all of the rooms. First, go through the lower right door into the Storage Closet. EXAMINE all the items. Pretty mundane stuff, huh? Bet you've never seen a product at the supermarket called "No Ghost." DRAG the bottle into your inventory. "Spider Cider" looks interesting, too: DRAG that along into your inventory, also. By this time, you'll get the first signal that something is really wrong in this haunted house -- the evil is starting to get to you in very tangible ways. Go back into the Upstairs Hallway. Now go into the middle right door. Another stairwell! What's this? A weapon! DRAG the axe into your inventory. If you venture upstairs to the Tower, well all I can say is don't open the Prison and don't go inside no matter how tempting it looks. It might be the last thing you ever do! Go back to the Upstairs Hallway. Go through the door on the lower left side into the Master Bedroom. On the nightstand is a candle and a book. OPEN the book. DRAG the candle to your inventory. EXAMINE the book. Well now you know the name of the bad guy -- Dracon, huh? "A key is hidden someplace beyond his stare, a chair knows where." Go out of the room back into the Upstairs Hallway. Go down the stairs (south exit). Go through the open door (upper right) back into the Entrance Hall. Remember the chair that hurt you before? Now is the time for revenge! OPERATE the axe on the chair. In the rip is a golden skeleton key. DRAG the key into your inventory. Take the axe and leave it in the Entrance Hall -- it's too large to carry for now. Now go straight back upstairs. From the Upstairs Hallway go into the first room on the left. OPERATE the key on the large chest behind the bed. Now that the chest is unlocked, OPEN the chest. Take everything from the chest and put it in your inventory. OPEN and EXAMINE both scrolls. They contain clues that will be very important to finishing the game. OPEN the door in the upper left corner. Though everything in the room looks interesting, there is really nothing inside here that is worthwhile. Go back into the Master Bedroom. EXAMINE the pictures on the wall. They contain some clues to the Master's relationships with others. Go back into the Upstairs Hallway. Go through the door in the upper left corner into the Bedroom. EXAMINE, then OPEN and, once again, EXAMINE the book on the nightstand. Reading the egomaniacal rantings of Dracon gives you quite a clue into just what you are up against. OPEN the nightstand. Aha, another scroll! OPEN and EXAMINE the scroll. The scroll contains some important magic spells that use words you should be familiar with from the book in the library. Write these spells down on your notepad; you will be needing them soon. OPEN the door in the upper right corner and go into the Bathroom. OPEN the hamper. A blood stained towel -- yech! Could the blood belong to someone near and dear, like your little brother? You had better find out soon. Go out of the Bathroom through the Bedroom, back into the Upstairs Hallway. There is one last room you haven't explored. Go into the room in the upper right corner. OPEN the black dresser and DRAG the star into your inventory. Go out of the Bedroom, through the Upstairs Hallway, and back downstairs to the Hall. Remember that bottle of "No Ghost"? You had better OPEN it just in case you need it in a hurry. Now OPEN the lower right door. What's this? Out of nowhere a woman dressed like Scarlet O'Hara has appeared in the Hall! Anyone dressed in clothes from a century ago must be a ghost. OPERATE the bottle of "No Ghost" on Scarlet and see what happens. Well, that takes care of that as another ghost bites the dust. OPEN all the doors in the Hall. First, go through the lower right door that you first opened before "Scarlet O'Ghost" pranced in. That takes you into the Parlor. OPEN the outside door and go to the Veranda. There's a quick spider going by too fast for you to stop him. OPERATE the "Spider Cider" on the railing. Go back in the Parlor. On second thought, go back outside on the Veranda to see if the spider might come around again. Here it comes, slowing down in its tracks due to the numbing effects of the "Spider Cider." Pretty good stuff! DRAG the spider into your inventory. You never know when a spider might come in handy for stirring up a brew or something. Go back through the Parlor into the Hall again. Remove the "Spider Cider" and the "No Ghost" from your inventory and leave them in the Hall. Go through the lower left door into the Rec Room. OPERATE the gramophone. Pretty neat, huh? Too bad you broke it. It must be quite a valuable antique on today's market. But, then again, a lot of the creepy things you see in this house might fetch a high price at a graveyard auction. EXAMINE the cabinet at the back of the room. OPERATE the key on the cabinet. OPEN the unlocked cabinet and SPEAK to the doll. Say "SPECAN HEAFOD ABRAXAS" (like the scroll in Dracon's room said). The doll tells you to speak to her brother. OPEN both remaining doors in the Rec Room. Go through the right side door into the Dining Room. DRAG the flowers from the table into your inventory. EXAMINE all the pictures in the room. Be aware that some strange things will float out of the pictures as if they have a life of their own. OPEN all the doors in the Dining Room. Go through the upper left door to the Kitchen first. OPEN both the left and right doors. Go through the room on your left to the Bedroom. OPERATE the lamp. Something strange happens. (Actually, in this game, everything is strange! So maybe what's strange for the real world is normal here at 666 Blackwell Road.) Too bad that "No Ghost" was used up. Neither the amulet nor the star has any effect on the ghost. Maybe the ghost is frightened by small living animals the same way the mouse is legend for scaring elephants? OPERATE the spider on the ghost and it vanishes! EXAMINE, OPEN, then, again, EXAMINE the diary that was hidden in the wall behind the picture. It contains a clue for whatever is inside the box that was locked in the large chest upstairs in the Master Bedroom. Fire and ice -- where to find either would be helpful right this moment. Go out of the Bedroom through the Kitchen to the Pantry (the room off the Kitchen's right). DRAG the box of matches from the second shelf from the top. OPEN the matchbox. OPERATE one of the matches on the matchbox itself. OPERATE the newly lit match on the candle you took earlier from the Master Bedroom. Great! Now that should shed some light on the situation. Everything in the Kitchen, the Pantry, and the downstairs Bedroom is interesting but will not help you to complete the game. In fact the more mouse clicks that you waste in these rooms, the more time you lose. And those mouse clicks become valuable with time. Go out of the Pantry through the Kitchen back into the Dining Room. Go through the door in the top center of the Exits Box to the Study. EXAMINE the locked door. Besides being locked, there is something strange about that passageway. Hmm! Maybe the key that the creature has, huh? You'll have to be patient with that one. You aren't fast enough to make a difference in his life. OPEN the desk. Inside the desk are some files about different elements. DRAG the file on Gold, Silver, and Mercury into your inventory. Those elements were all mentioned as being able to make a key when put together. You will have to EXAMINE most or all the files to find all three cards. Go out the open door to the Dining Room. Go through the Hall back into the Entrance Hall. OPERATE the LIT CANDLE (that you have been carrying in your inventory) on the FIREPLACE. Besides taking a chill out of the air, you now have a big fire. OPERATE the sealed box that you took from the cabinet upstairs on the burning fire. The box will dissolve, leaving a pentagram. DRAG the pentagram to your inventory. Without it you cannot finish the game. Go back through the Hall and the Rec Room to the Trophy Room. DRAG the cage into your inventory. While there are several items that look helpful or interesting, they are red herrings. AT THIS POINT I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU SAVE YOUR GAME because when you OPEN the door in the upper right corner, you never know what kind of hell is going to break loose! OPEN the door in the upper right corner, and go outside to the Backyard. In the Backyard are three paths to three different buildings. Obviously, you will have to visit each building. Your brother just might be inside one of them waiting to be saved! First, go to the Building in the center. OPEN the door at the entrance and go inside the Greenhouse. EXAMINE ALL of the plant pots in the room. One of them is different from the others. OPERATE the watering can on the DIRT-FILLED RED-CLAY POT. DRAG the RED-CLAY POT into your inventory. There isn't much else of interest in this building. Go out of the Greenhouse, and return to the Backyard. Go to the Domed Building. No matter how you try to OPEN the door at the Magisterium, you fail. EXAMINE the niche over the Magisterium door. Something that should be there, isn't. Pay attention -- be on the lookout for an object shaped like the emblem on Superman's chest to fill that niche. Maybe a jewel? Maybe the same jewel mentioned on the scroll? Since there is nothing that will be accomplished by just standing around a building that you can't get inside, you might as well try the last building. Go back to the Backyard. From the Backyard, go to the building on the right. At the Chapel entrance are two very rabid-looking dogs. They don't look very nice. In fact, if you aren't careful, they might bite your head off! SPEAK to one of the dogs and be very careful about your spelling. Say "INSTANTUM ILLUMINARIS ABRAXAS." After the thunder and lightning stop, the dogs will go away. Thank God! In fact, you might just get a chance to do so once you're inside the Chapel! OPEN the Chapel door and go inside. There is a bust inside the Chapel. SPEAK to the bust. Say "SPECAN HEAFOD ABRAXAS." This must be the brother to the doll in the rec room cabinet. The statue head will open the door in the upper left corner for you. OPERATE the lit candle on the large standing candleholder in the Chapel. You will need the candleholder to get through the next stage of the game, so try to DRAG it into your inventory. If it doesn't fit (and, if you've been following this walkthru to the letter, it shouldn't), REMOVE the potted plant. You should note that it has begun to sprout. Isn't nature wonderful? Now DRAG the candleholder to your inventory. Go out through the open upper left door to the Church Grounds. A ghost will come by. If you have the candleholder he will leave you alone. If you don't -- well don't say you weren't warned! Ever get the feeling you're being watched? NOW IS AN EXCELLENT PLACE TO DO A GAME SAVE! Go to the building in the center of the Church Grounds. Oh, no! A maze! Now is the time to make a map. Go through the maze with the following directions. All of them have a northward facing orientation. North, west twice, and north twice. At this point you'll find the grave of Doug Dinsdale. East twice, north four times, and east four times. If you see a lone Zombie (and of course you will), OPERATE the gawdy chain necklace that you originally found in the mailbox at the beginning of the game ON THE LONE ZOMBIE. If you run into a group of zombies...well, nothing works against them, so run away. Continue east twice and south twice. Here you will find a CROSS marking a grave. OPERATE the bouquet of flowers on the CROSS as a sign of your respect for the dead (which you hope you aren't among soon). The cross will move, revealing another Secret Passage. Go through the Secret Passage (west). You are in a room with three cages. OPERATE the KEY that you are (hopefully) carrying in your inventory on the LOCK to the cages. OPERATE the CAGE on the EAGLE to capture the bird. The snake will eat the cat and slither away. Go south twice. You will meet a strange, ugly bouncing creature. Notice as he bounces that there's an object just underneath him. OPEN the cage and release the bird. The bird will fly away and the creature will follow it. DRAG the gem into your inventory. It looks like it will fit the niche in the Magisterium door! Go north twice, east, north twice, west four times, south twice, west twice, south twice and east twice. Here you should find Doug Dinsdale again. South twice, east twice and south twice. You should now be back outside on the Church Grounds. It would be a good idea to save your game here. You wouldn't want to go through that maze again. Would you? Yipes! It seems you are still being watched by that flying eyeball -- the proverbial eye in the sky! Go south into the relative safety of the Chapel. Notice how the plant has thrived while you were away in the maze? Hey! How long were in that maze anyway? Return the candleholder to the Chapel. DRAG the potted plant to your inventory. DRAG the CROSS from above the altar into your inventory. The altar will move, revealing a new entrance. You will be warned about a giant spider. This time it pays to heed the warning. DO NOT GO DOWN INTO THE SPIDER PIT! Exit the Chapel and go back to the Backyard. From the Backyard, go to the Domed Building on the left. OPERATE the gem on the niche above the door. The door will now open. Go through the door to enter the Magisterium. As you enter the room, you will see, floating in the center of the room, a creature that wiggles its tongue and rolls its eyes. It doesn't look friendly; what does in this house? DRAG the potted plant to the floor. The Creature will dive for it and take one of its fruits. Then he will leave you for a while -- better move quickly! The door on the right leads to the Observatory. Though it looks interesting, ignore it. There's nothing but red herrings there, and you don't have time for them. The door to the left is locked, and nothing will open it. OPEN the center door. Go into the Laboratory. OPEN the safe. The combination is based on the element numbers from the files you took out of the desk. The order of the elements is the same as mentioned in the scroll from the cabinet you found upstairs in the Master Bedroom: GOLD (#79), SILVER (#47), MERCURY (#80). The combination is 79-47-80. Inside the safe is a cookie jar. DRAG the COOKIE JAR into your inventory. The cookie jar is sealed so tight that the only way to open it will be to break it open. The axe is back inside the House. Go back out to the Backyard. Hurry! Now re-enter the House. Go through the Trophy Room, through the Rec Room, through the Hall, back into the Entrance Hall. OPERATE the axe on the cookie jar. Breaking the cookie jar reveals a -- oh, no! -- a cookie! Just a damned cookie! And after all that running, too! Well, maybe that little creature who's been running around with that key around his neck will be interested in the cookie. At least someone will get some pleasure from it. DRAG the cookie to the floor. The creature will stop and grab the cookie. He will then return the favor by leaving the key that he wore around his neck on the floor. DRAG the new key into your inventory. With the new key, it's time to go back to the Magisterium and see if the new key will open the locked door. Go back to Magisterium through the Hall, Rec Room, Trophy Room, Backyard, Magisterium entrance to finally, the Room. OPERATE the NEW KEY on the door on the left to unlock, and, ultimately, OPEN the door; and, maybe, find your brother. What? The key doesn't do anything! Go back through the center door to the Laboratory. OPEN the Trapdoor that's located under the cauldron. BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH THE TRAPDOOR, IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO SAVE YOUR GAME! Go down through the Trapdoor to enter the Cave. You can't go back it seems. The shaft is too high, and there is a spider in the upper Cave. Go through the Cave on the left into the Ice Cave. OPERATE the PENTAGRAM on the Ice Cave. A strange creature will engulf the ice mass and melt it to steam. There will be a human figure that will float to the next Cave. The robed man prompts you to follow the figure and move quickly. Once in the next Cave, OPERATE the figure on the pit at the center of the altar. You have just killed Dracon, but that doesn't save your brother. You aren't out of hot water just yet! Go beyond the altar to the Stairway. OPERATE the NEW KEY on the door at the Top of the Stairs. Now that the door is UNLOCKED, OPEN the door. Go through the door. HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! LISTEN CLOSELY! IS THAT YOUR BROTHER THAT YOU HEAR YELLING FOR HELP UPSTAIRS? Go out of the Study, through the Dining Room, through the Hall, and up the stairs to the Upstairs Hallway. Go into Dracon's Old Bedroom. OPEN the door in the upper right. Go into the Bathroom. OPERATE the faucet on the bathtub. The bathtub will overflow. EXAMINE the light fixture. Notice that there are handgrips on it? Too bad you can't reach it. And nothing you can stand on will move for you. Maybe with all that water flowing out of the bathtub you can float to the top. The water is climbing fast! Keep on trying to OPEN the light fixture. With each attempt, the water gets higher. Finally, you can OPEN the light fixture. Go through the hole in the ceiling to the Secret Room. Thank God! There he is -- your brother. But wait a moment he doesn't look too good. What's wrong? Suddenly a demon leaps from your brother's body and threatens to take possession of you. In the meantime, your brother, scared out of his wits, crashes out the window leaving you to finish off the demon. OPERATE the cross from the Chapel on the DEMON. The DEMON will fade to nothingness, leaving no tangible evidence of his having been there. You still need to check to see if your brother is okay. Go out the window and -- CONGRATULATIONS! You have saved your brother! Print out your certificate. You deserve it! Damn! This file is NOT copyright, so I can NOT remove the rights.... Bleargh, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ..... Later, RENEGADE <> X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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