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___________________________________ | | | -- The Complete Oo-Topos Solve -- | | | | At last, the complete walkthrough | | solve for the new hires adventure | | known to the world as...Oo-Topos! | | | | _| Solved by: Riff Raff/DOA |_ | | | Thanks to: The |, and you'll be dumped into text mode. It's a bit less exciting, but a helluva lot faster. This game is also handily equipped with both the "and" and "," commands, which allow numerous commands to be entered on one line. If you know what you are doing and where you are going, I recommend you type in blocks of commands rather than single commands. It is best to do this while in the text mode, as I've already stated. Repeating moves gets quite boring if it's done very slowly. Also on this topic of speed, I STRONGLY recommend that you use a joystick with this game. How, you ask? Why, in inverted fashion, of course. After typing in a block of commands, you can bypass all the scrolling pauses by inverting your joystick, and placing the handle atop a key; thus providing the computer with an auto-input routine, killing all those damn pauses. And another thing, all the commands with the light rod being turned on and off..well, that's just for your viewing enjoyment. A glitch of this game is that even when "It's too dark to see," you still can get the things which you need.. For example, you don't have to turn on the light rod in the biology lab to get the flask and the box, you can just walk in and take them. We just decided to throw them in so that you wouldn't freak when you ran across a room which had no lights... That's about it, the game's quite logically paced, making everything quite easy to solve, if you think about it for a while. We've found that if you read the Oo-Topos docs first, you will be spared a lot of figuring. The only copy of these which I have run across is that typed by Juan Matus and KnightWriter; it contains a lot of useful background information, such as the operator's manual, the letter from the President of the Space Ecological Society, and the Auto Flight Log. After reading these, you'll be able to understand the OBJECT of the game, which I didn't find out 'till after I had solved the game.. All in all, they DO come in handy.. - Riff Raff ______________________________________________________________________________ "Oo-Topos Solve" is a TradeMark of DeadMan Operations and Activities, Inc. (K)opyWrong 1986 All Rights Phucked ______________________________________________________________________________ Oo-Topos was solved by Riff Raff and the KeyMaster, esteemed members of DOA, on July 18th, 1986 at approximately 4:27AM. Watch for the other solves released by Riff and DOA, more come out almost every week.. Also get the new CountLegger, a compleat history of DOA with a large collection, (if not fully complete), of our textfiles and utilities. Take'r easy, folx... ______________________________________________________________________________


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