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Subject: Some background on arrest of German agent in Switzerland
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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 19:34:55 GMT

Her Goal was Arrest

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Report from "Robin Direkt e.V."
March/April 1998
April 30, 1998, pages 14-16

Instructor and Agent Trapped

Every genuine Scientology opponent is familiar with the the fact that the Scientology organization pursues political, anti-democratic goals. These objectives are the reason why the German domestic intelligence keeps the Scientology organization under surveillance nationwide.

It has also been proven that Scientology knows no national boundaries, and pursues its goal of a "clear planet" worldwide. The leading cadre for the strategic execution of their goals is in Los Angeles. The individual organizations act throughout the various countries and are responsible to the leadership in the USA.

Not only are Scientology individual areas of responsibility bordering Germany and Switzerland being obliterated, but things have gone so far that, for tactical considerations, various missions led by the cadre of management into nearby countries are being delayed.

According to reports by German domestic intelligence, the operations of Scientology in the southern Baden area have been directed ever more frequently from Switzerland. As early as 1992, the Swiss Scientology organizations in Basel and Zurich, as well as the neighboring areas on the shores of the Lake of Constance in Bavaria, Germany, were recruiting "raw meat" for Scientology organizations in Switzerland. The Scientologists do not have any kind of problem with national borders in any part of the world.

From a strategic viewpoint, this procedure is even logical, as one hears from Scientology adherents that people are specially selected by reason of their commercial, legal or political fields, then trained in the Swiss organizations. When one realizes that these border-crossing operations have been going on for some time, then it makes sense that the various officials of the individual countries cooperate in matters of Scientology.

Through years of close contact between Robin Direkt and the AGSD (Information Group on Scientology) in Zurich, Switzerland, we know that the cofounder and chairperson, Odette Jaccard-Fuchs, has advanced the information situation in Switzerland with unbelievable involvement. She would never do something which she knew would harm somebody, or which was illegal. She thought nothing of it when Susanne Haller, the canton politician from Basel, took it upon herself to fill her empty folders with the research of the AGSD. We at Robin Direkt can even confirm that Susanne Haller did not even know, two years ago, what a war chest list means for the Scientology organization, nor what the "Impact" book is, nor what a WISE licensee is.

Renate Hartwig met Susanne Haller during a television broadcast in Zurich in 1996, during which time she had her documentary evidence such as Impact and Swiss WISE lists almost literally pulled out of her hands by Haller, according to her notes. After the broadcast, Haller copied the various Swiss documents, which she did not even know existed before that time, in a hotel. The subject of Scientology was to become a political stepping stone for her.

Haller established contact with Caberta, her fellow party member, in Hamburg, and was very quickly assimilated into that environment. From that point on, we at Robin Direkt heard about Susanne Haller only second-hand. She made herself conspicuous about a year ago, when she attempted to stop a young man, who is also politically active, from submitting a petition to Parliament. He was contacted over the telephone not only by her, but repeatedly by ex-Scientologists acquainted with her, in an effort to convince him not to go through with his action against Scientology.

That was the work of Susanne Haller all on her own. She had been provided with information for two years by AGSD chairperson Jaccard-Fuchs, who turned out to be a "stooge" for the politician from Basel [Haller].

Today she says that she had not thought anything of informing Haller that she was in telephone contact with a German intelligence agent. Susanne Haller, the politician, did not see fit to mention a single time to Jaccard, a private citizen, that there could be difficulties in cooperation between Germany and Switzerland because of the way the laws are.

No, on the contrary, she got the name of the German agent from Jaccard-Fuchs. On March 12, 1998, Haller helped organize a public meeting on the subject of Scientology. She invited Caberta, her fellow party member, to speak. She let it be known that she herself was striving for a position similar to that of Caberta, but in Switzerland.

Anybody who disputes the subject of Scientology is enthused when a politician finally starts to take them seriously. This is why the AGSD chairperson [Jaccard-Fuchs] told the politician [Haller] of her planned meeting with the German intelligence agent.

(To be continued)

German Scientology News: http://cisar.org/trnmenu.htm This article is: http://cisar.org/g80430ce.htm

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