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FOCUS: Bavaria intensifies the fight against Scientology Crime Syndicate

May 25, 1998

Munich. The Bavarian administration is intensifying its fight against Scientology. As reported by the news magazine FOCUS, the cabinet in Munich will permit the continuation of the extensive study of the psycho-sect: four professors are supposed to research the methods of Scientology and their effects upon people up through the end of the year.

The experts should, among other things, state whether "illicit exploitation of the practice of healing" can be substantiated against the sect, and along with that, an offense of the medical laws. It will also be researched as to whether the Scientology methods stand in conflict to "the image of mankind and ethical claims of basic law." If this were the case, the sect could be prohibited as constitutionally hostile.

In any case the Bavarian cabinet will give the go ahead for a governmental "starting point from which advice to victims of Scientology" can be given. A sect expert and a psychologist will advise those harmed, relatives of victims and concerned parents and direct them to the appropriate assistance. Until now, only Hamburg had a state Scientology commissioner.

German Scientology News: http://cisar.org/trn0422.htm

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