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At 07:27 AM 10/6/98 GMT, you wrote: >But, hell yeah, shove it in the email :-)

it took a little while to get because i kept forgetting to copy it onto a floppy in the morning, the one copy i had was at home.

here it is now, though.

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From: rbnstein@bucsf.bu.edu (Michael Rubinstein) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Psi and Scientology Message-ID: <RBNSTEIN.91Jul19155030@bucsf.bu.edu> Date: 19 Jul 91 19:50:30 GMT References: <29850@uflorida.cis.ufl.EDU> <1991Jul19.164832.4635@cadence.com> Sender: news@bu.edu Reply-To: rbnstein@bucsf.bu.edu (Michael Rubinstein) Organization: Boston University Department of Computer Science Lines: 20 In-reply-to: deej@cds8613.Cadence.COM's message of 19 Jul 91 16:48:32 GMT

>>>>> On 19 Jul 91 16:48:32 GMT,deej@cds8613.Cadence.COM (Jim Howard) >>>>> whose comments are cited by "J> ".

J> (By psi, I'm assuming you mean psychiatry, psychology, etc.).

No, I beleive he was referring to paranormal/psychic phenomena, of which these "theta" things would definitely seem to be an example.

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