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In article <5043@borg.cs.unc.edu> averett@hatteras.cs.unc.edu (Shava Averett) writes: >answers (IMO, people seem to come out of scientology thinking "Ron tells >me I should think for myself, so I will!"), but I also wonder what these >people's alternatives are for a healthy, transformative, support group. > >So all of y'all who seem to just think this is a big scam, what do you >propose as an alternative for these people?

The only thing that makes Scientology any bigger scam than any other religeon is that they are pushier about getting your money. Most religeons demand some sort of monetary contribution.

An alternative would be any other strict religeous group; preferably (to the thinking of many) a long-accepted one, like a Fundamentalist Church.

Speaking personally, I understand the attraction to Scientology that many feel. A close-knit, supportive group that offers all the answers if you choose to believe them. It's very seductive and I was sucked into something similar for a few years. My suggested alternative would be to assemble a group of good, close friends. It's a lot more work, but is infinately more rewarding than a group of "instant" friends that come with the organization who will dump you immediately if/when you leave.

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