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In article <34404@usc.edu> lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes: >>> >"The way to make money is to start your own religion." >>> > >>> > --L. Ron Hubbard, 1954 >> >>> "We believe we can be subsizided by the Avertiser by giving him value >>> for value received and without compromising more than a small fraction >>> of our journalistic soul. That small fraction we are frankly willing >>> to sell for a price." --Henry Luce, founder of Time. >> >>Your point? > >The point is this. It appears Mr. Hubbard may have been misquoted or >the quote taken out of context. Not that the editors of TIME care, as >long as it sounds good and is fun to read. That sells. What if >journalist's just reported "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but >the truth". The news wouldn't be much fun to read and except for the >funny pages they'd all look practically alike. And that's not good >marketing. TIME may not have much respect for the truth but they sure >know how to sell magazines

I have *never*, even in my days tutoring freshman comp, seen such a slipshod interpretation of a quote. You *obviously* have no experience with journalism.

When you take advertising, you compromise a small part of your journalistic integrity because it makes it hard to publish an article slamming Nissan when they take out full-color glossy centerfolds every week. Notice Consumer Reports does *not* take advertising.

As for respecting the truth, if Time didn't, it would most definately *not* enjoy the respect it is accorded.

What makes a journalistic piece different from another on the same subject is how it is written. It is rediculously easy to slant a piece one way or another just by who you choose to quote, how you arrange the pieces of the story, what you spend the most time talking about. Notice that the whole time you are telling nothing but the truth.

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