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This is for those of you who are sincerly interested in finding out about Scientology. I downloaded this abstract from the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database. I hope it's legal to post this since it's copyrighted but I'm sick of reading all the ignorant misinformed flames which comprise most of the postings so far.

BTW, I've been a scientologist for 18 years and it's been my observation that it works for me as well as many others. Here it is. ---------cut here-------- Psychological Abstracts (PsycINFO) 1984-Present Copyright 1990 American Psychological Association, all rights reserved.

Title: Effects of membership in Scientology on personality: An exploratory study. Author: Ross-Michael-W. Address: Flinders U of South Australia, Medical School, Bedford Park, Australia Source: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1988 Dec Vol 27(4) 630-636. Type: 10. journal article Language: eng Abstract No.: 8925706. Abstract: Administered a series of personality measures, including the Adjective Checklist, the Purpose in Life Test, and the Barron Ego-Strength Scale, to 48 members of Scientology (aged 16-72 yrs). Semantic differentials seeking responses on the S's situation prior to joining Scientology and demographic data were also administered. Results of correlations (partialled for age) between personality measures and time in the movement suggest that there was a significant increase in social ease and in effectiveness of goal-directed behavior. Data also indicate that members were unlikely to have been unhappy or unstable prior to joining. Findings suggest that the negative aspects reported by some authors of membership in Scientology are not apparent in this sample and that there may be some benefits for long-term members. Key Phrase: long term involvement in Scientology, personality, 16-72 yr olds Descriptors: CULTURE-AND-ETHNOLOGY-AND-RELIGION. RELIGIOUS-AFFILIATION. PERSONALITY-CHANGE. AGED. ADOLESCENCE. ADULTHOOD. ***** End of Citation *****

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