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org? comm lines?

Someone is going to have to post a Scientology Dictionary so we get through some of these posts. Or maybe distribute secret decoder rings.

I appreciate Scientology as a religion or interpretation. Whatever floats your boat. The fantastic claims about the origin of man are no less strange than those of other religions and may serve as useful views of reality.

I do, however, object to any claims to the scientific validity of Dianetics. Regarding the recent posters citing of a study published in some journal......... One citation? Thats it? I would also be interested in knowing about the author. Specifically, is the author connected in any way with Scientology? (BTW- I just checked the UCLA MEDLINE database. It covers 87-91 so I can't verify your citation. I do see that nothing has been published about Scientology or Dianetics in those years. I also do not see anything further from the cited author. Who is this guy?)

If Scientology (I understand that Dianetics and Scientology are potrayed as being distinct) claims to be Scientific (i.e. use the scientific method) then I would expect that alternative viewpoints are tolerated, even encouraged.

This is directed to those who have participated in Scientology/Dianetics. Please describe a time or times when you have disagreed with someone in the organization (if there is/are such times).

Please try the following experiment. Let someone in the organization know that you disagree with L.Ron on some point. (If you can't think of one let me know and I'll make one up). Report back to us on your experience. It might be interesting. Remember, its just an experiment. You can go back to believing whatever you want when we're done.


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