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In article <34446@usc.edu> kurtzman@pollux.usc.edu (Stephen Kurtzman) writes: >>Incidentally, I can personally attest that "blowing engrams" does in >>fact happen and you can leave an auditing session with an incredible >>sense of relief after blowing a few heavy engrams. Dianetics describes >>such a phenomenon. > >Neither does utility equate to truth. If you talk out some problems >with a therapist and you want to call it "auditing", or you call you >blame your problems on "engrams" then that is fine. If it helps you, >then that is also fine. But don't mistake this stuff for Truth(tm).

I don't, and neither does LRH. Many times in his writings he says flat out that what he just said may not be true, but it IS workable and so it is what he uses. Just because it works doesn't mean it has to be The Truth(TM), and vice versa, but pursuing The Truth(TM) while ignoring what works seems pointless to me.

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