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In article <tiff.679946085@oahu>, tiff@oahu.cs.ucla.edu (Tiffany Frazier) writes:

[Scientology creed posted by myself deleted...]

> I know *nothing* about Scientology, but I carefully read each of these > "tenets" (if that is the appropriate word?)... and noted a curious lack > of mention of the female half of the population? Why is "sex" not included > in the first tenet? It seems to me that these tenets, as written, pointedly > exclude women. > -- > tiff@cs.ucla.edu > !{rutgers, ucbvax}!ucla-cs!tiff

In much the same way that historic American documents say "man", this similarly REALLY means "mankind". Women have the same rights as men within Scientology. Sex IS mentioned ( "...inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind"), and I don't believe this was intended to be a prioritized list of any kind (it would probably be numbered if that were the case).

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