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I'm posting this for Dick Eastin (eastin@devnet.la.locus.com), who unintentionally "R"d, rather than posting). Posting was, however, his intent...

>In article <1991Jul18.123511.14208@eagle.lerc.nasa.gov>, >afcanav@lims05.lerc.nasa.gov (VIC CANACCI) writes: >> In article <WLCARROL.91Jul18051903@elric.mit.edu>, wlcarrol@mit.edu >(Wes Carroll) writes... > >[much stuff deleted] > >> >the "Scientology movement" -- if it is a "movement" at all. Anyone out >> >there know anything about Scientology besides what they read in those >> >two publications? Better still, do we have any Scientologists (or >> >ex-Scientologists) out there? >> > >> >I've been looking at this organization for some time now, but I find >> >that it's quite tricky to get anywhere easily. The "church" seems >> >paranoid about the public eye, and the public seems paranoid in kind. >> > >> >Any actual data out there? Anyone? >> >> For years I have wondered what scientology was all about. What is the >> basis the religion is founded on, I'm really ignorant on the subject, and >> no one seems to know, and I've never bothered to go check it out. So, when >> it appeared on my directory as subscribed today, I thought that it was time >> to find out the real story, Any answers out there? >> >

deej's reply deleted.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I just saw the newsgroup today myself and not having previously attempted reply mail, I hope this works as semi-automagically=20as it might.

Scientology got started, publically, with the publication of the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, in 1950. That book, sometimes called the operator's manual for the mind, covers the basic purposes of mental activity, what goes wrong with it, and how to fix it, along with descriptions of an enhanced state of being called, Clear, which can be achieved using Dianetic procedures. Hubbard put a number of years of research into that volume and after its instant popularity, he had a lot of help doing the additional and further research which enhanced Dianetic practice and resulted in Scientology.

Scientology is the broader, practical, philosophy of life of which Dianetics could be said to be a sub-part. A key benefit of Scientology research was the identification of the basic parts of which man was composed: Body, Mind, Being (the one who is aware of his awareness and who is not, except as he so thinks, part of the Body or Mind.) This was notable because of the application of modern western technology and scientific method by Hubbard to the combination of eastern and western philosophy which had existed for thousands of years. Thus, when you study Scientology, you see familiar things from other areas which have been brought together in a consistent, workable fashion.

Dianetics and Scientology seem to appeal to the above average in ability and rationality, not that it doesn't or can't to others, but just that above average tend to assimilate, apply and gain the benefits fastest. It is oriented toward "making the able more able," though it is effective in any other realm as well.

Dianetics and Scientology books can be gotten at most major bookstores and are the best way to get information. Begining courses, introductory lectures and more are provided at missions and larger organizations, usually for moderate donations, which in retrospect usually seem to be smaller than the benefit derived.

I've tried to provide a little basic information above. It isn't practical to try to provide major amounts by email, when books are plentiful and more thorough. I too will try to answer questions if it doesn't become excessive. I have been around Scientology for about 30 years and have developed a fairly mature viewpoint. I do see it as an important "movement," though that term probably only applied during its infancy. It has goals which are tightly adhered to and which are directed toward the betterment of mankind and society.


"The Aims of Scientology

A civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of scientology." L. Ron Hubbard 9/65.

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