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In article <17113@life.ai.mit.edu> whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes: >So if you've had a bad experience at an org, don't >condemn the entire religion.

[FLAME ALERT! I'll try to be civil.]

You know, I've heard this line from the Church since my first truly horrible experience. Now, my experiences were NOT at a garden-variety org; it was at Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, and then AO (Advanced Org, I believe it stands for). These are places that are supposed to have the absolute latest in best tech, and among the best trained people. Not only was my case handled terribly, it wasn't even handled according to the stuff they teach Scientologists in TR-O (the dreaded "Comm Course" on basic communications). For Ghod's sake, if THEY don't have the tech down, who does? Flag (the "flagship" org in Florida where you go to get stuff like the higher OT levels and things like that)?

P.S. Regarding Celebrity Centre: Can you imagine what would happen if the Roman Catholic Church opened the "First Apostolic Church of St. Liberace of Famous and Rich People" in Beverly Hills? Yet no one connected with the Church seems to see the irony in having an org called "Celebrity Centre." -- -- Christophe

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