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Subject: Re: LRH's achievements (was Some views on Scientology)
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In article <FRANCIS.91Jul21172308@arthur.zaphod.uchicago.edu> asbestos@midway.uchicago.edu writes: >In article <Pqw#Wp_@engin.umich.edu> ldoering@caen.engin.umich.edu (Laurence Doering) writes: > >>One small problem: wasn't L. Ron *dead* by 1988? Yes, 1986, about August as I recall. > >Yeah, right. He died, and *then* wrote _Dianetics_ and the dekalogy. Evidently, he left quite a lot of material in unpublished form for others to publish; not however Dianetics and Mission Earth, of course. > >I don't think anybody seriously believes he's dead. He supposedly ... All the Scientologists I know or have talked to believe his body to be dead. This includes (by hearsay) his personal physician who signed the certificate.


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