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In article <55215@apple.Apple.COM> cep@Apple.COM (Christopher Pettus) writes: >In article <7335@husc6.harvard.edu> adam@endor.uucp (Adam Shostack) writes: >> >>Charles Manson was (amongst other things) a Scientologist, and OT-9. > >You know, I'm no great defender of Scientology, but I don't think that >the higher OT levels were even published when Manson was roaming the >streets. Does anyone have a reference to back this up? - Christophe >st

OT 8 came out about 84-86, I don't know exactly. OT 9 is unreleased and unavailable until such time as the Church has grown to a certain level. Any organization can be called to verify the unreleased status of OT 9. If you call, be tolerant of the answer, as part of it may not make sense if some argot (jargon) is used.


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