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In article <h+9lzll@rpi.edu> jimcat@itsgw.rpi.edu (Jim Kasprzak) writes: >>I was the Director of Inspections and Reports, and I know exactly where >>the money was going. The org buys its materials from the higher orgs >>and then sells them, it sends its auditors to higher orgs for training >>and must pay for them, there's rent, utilities, etc. > > It's rather amusing how you keep shooting yourself in the foot on this >issue. Once again you provide evidence to back up _my_ claim. Aside from >overhead like rent and utilities, and the small salaries of the org >workers, where does the money end up going? To the higher orgs. And it >keeps on going up the ladder till it reaches the top, where it goes >into the salaries of the few top Church officials, which I'd be willing >to bet are not so small.

I'll avoid all the snide comments and have you look at my quoted post to see WHY the money was going to higher orgs. "The org buys its materials from the higher orgs and then sells them, it sends its auditors to higher orgs for training and must pay for them..." We don't produce the books, E-Meters, etc. in-house, there are higher organizations like Golden Era Productions that do that sort of stuff. The higher orgs also have the resources and instructors to train auditors to higher levels than is available at lower orgs.

Then you put forth the idea that the salaries of the few top Church officials are not small. Where did you get this idea from? Time magazine? Did you notice that the author could not produce a single example? As for where the money goes, it's largely expansion (over 200 new missions were added worldwide just last year alone) and projects such as Citizen's Commission on Human Rights and Citizens for an Alternative Tax System, the latter being devoted to abolishing income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax, which has benefits I'm sure you can see.

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