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>In article <34456@usc.edu> Leny Freeman writes:

>> In Scientology something is true for you if you observe it for >> yourself. That is one of the basic tenets.

>A have a couple of questions about this statement

>1 ) If you DON'T observe it for yourself, is it untrue ? > Or should we simply ignore it on the grounds > that we cannot make an informed descision ? If you observe that something does *not* happen, go ahead and consider it untrue for yourself. If you haven't observed one way or the other, I'd go for ignoring (or at least keeping an open mind) until you get a chance to observe.

>2 ) Given 1, why are Scientologists posting anything to the net, other > than information on where to view ORIGINAL documents ? > After all, how can we believe what they post here ? All we can > believe is that THIS information is posted HERE, and we cannot > make any judgements about the truth of its content!!! Well, if someone has a specific question, it can be answered without the asker necessarily having to wade through reams of paper looking... But yes, you don't (and maybe shouldn't) take my/our words for it; if you're interested, call up a mission/org/Church and ask. Call up a friend with all the written stuff.

> I would appreciate some clarification, (perhaps with photocopied > notorised original documentation by snail mail). Shall I give your address and requests for specific info to my mom? She can probably photocopy some stuff for you. (As for verification of authenticy <sp?>, calling up a church/mission/whatever and asking for someone to read paragraph [x] of document [qs] ought to work...)

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