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>deej@cds8613.Cadence.COM (Jim Howard) writes:

>> The Creed of the Church of Scientology [stuff deleted, of course.]

>I know *nothing* about Scientology, but I carefully read each of >these "tenets" (if that is the appropriate word?)... and noted a >curious lack of mention of the female half of the population? >Why is "sex" not included in the first tenet? It seems to me that >these tenets, as written, pointedly exclude women.

Well, in the first place, it was written before Political Correctness came into vogue. (I'm only erratically PC, myself, when I feel it necessary.)

And in the second place (and this is a really far second), it gets a bit silly to argue gender-based stuff in the long run if one believes in past/future lives -- there is no rule saying that one only goes from one fe/male body to another. I think there may even be a reference to a tendency to alternate somewhere.

As far as I know, the only silly woman-based reccomendation that LRH ever promoted (though not as one of the religious texts) was the silly notion that women shouldn't breast-feed, acquired by talking to a pre-La Leche Legue doctor about *his* (LRH's) wife, and *her* specific problems in that area. I can testify that my mom happily ignored it (and griped about it at every opportunity, no doubt).

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