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To all Scientologists:

This news group has been up about a week now and most of the postings are pure garbage. Several of us have tried to explain our religion and just ended up defending it to fools. I don't object to correcting false information or answering sincere questions, but to engage in arguing with someone who natters about trivial points or insists he "knows best" is an exercise in futility. I know we'd like to help them all but that's impossible. If they want Scientology they'll find it. We did.

It's time to cut the bullshit and start using this net for what it's intended ie: developing contacts, exchanging information (citing HCOBs and HCOPLs) etc. Who are the auditors out there? Are you trying to find a reference? Admin people? I understand an EO from the S.F. bay area is taking an interest. OSA, we want to hear from you by all means. CCHR, IAS? You guys too!

We can post questions to the net and answer by email. Maybe Incomm will get a feed (right term?) to this News Net. There's a lot of potential to this group. Soon the flammers will tire and go back to their favorite groups like alt.peter.puffers.

Also you can put the flammers names in your kill file so you don't even see their post. If you don't know how, e-mail me. I'm compiling a list of people to include in it.

ARC lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu

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