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wlcarrol@mit.edu (Wes Carroll) writes:

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>Scientologists to give to their "church" amounts of money which are >enormous by comparison to "mainstream religions," if you will. The >thing that strikes me about this fact more than anything else is that I >have never heard of anyone giving Scientology money against their will.

This had happened to me about two years ago. One day I received a questionnaire (around 100 questions) delivered to my door by one guy, and he said that this is a "survey" and he'd be back in 15 minutes to pick it up. So, I answered the questionnaire and found tricky questions (it's how they rephrased the question, actually). A few days went by and I received a letter from the local "church" or something like that. So I went there and it was a small office with books like 'Dianetics' by L. Ron Hubbard, weird diagrams/maps stuck on the wall with "OT Level IV", or "Super OT" written on it, among other weird things. I went inside a room, and a guy showed me a graph, showing how depressed I was and he started talking about helping me. So I said o.k., and he said that I could start by joining the club (but he used a fancy word). And sinceI wasn't interested in paying a lot of money (around $100 or so) so I told them that I'd think it over. But they just insisted to get my money by telling me "Well, what's a $100 if you could change your life..." or "You can pay with the credit card if you want, we accept most credit cards..." and much more. At that point I smelled something fishy about this organization, so I decided to leave. They apparently didn't like that after spending 3 hours trying to convince me. At that time I was also curious about 'Dianetics' and told them that I'd take one. The guy said "Okay, that's better than nothing...". I was so close of slapping that guy's face. It was so obvious that they wanted my money and nothing else. So I paid the $25 or so and went home. After reading the first few chapter, I lost interest. And every now and then I received junk mails from them, like "Get your Sea Org now..." or close to that, with such ridiculous price ranging from a few hundred dollars for books, to a few thousand dollars for an ugly meter that looks like an ohm-meter to me (from the way it looks, it seems to me that you just grab the two probes and the meter will measure your body electrical resistance, telling you how close you are to a sea org, or something.)

Maybe I'm the only one who think that Scientology is pure bullshit. I hope someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.

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