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In article <1991Jul24.155301.27444@spool.cs.wisc.edu>, derek@mtlion.cs.wisc.edu (Derek Zahn) writes:

> I don't know much about Scientology -- all I've done is read Hubbard's > book (_Dianetics_), which I found to be intriguing. > > 1) How does religion enter into it? _Dianetics_ seems more like > psychology than religion. Is Scientology different from Dianetics? > Is it possible to explore Dianetics, which is essentially a > theory of how the mind works, without caring about any > mystical/moral dogma? Emptying the engram bank seems like > a secular idea to me. Things can come up in Dianetics that aren't necessarily explained by the theory in the book. The expanded theory that DOES cover everything that comes up is Scientology. Dianetics works fine by itself.

> 2) I'm sure that this question is asked often -- my apologies. > How much does it cost to try Dianetics long enough to make > an evaluation of its effectiveness? Can poor people like college > students (who have little money to spend on what must be considered > an experiment) explore Dianetics, or is it only for the rich? The absolutely cheapest route you have already paid for (I would guess): You by a copy of Dianetics (paperback is cheapest). You get a friend to read Dianetics too. You and your friend Audit each other. LOTS of people do this. Husbands/wives, friends, etc. Using the tools in the Dianetics book can clean up a LOT of stuff, and you will both benefit from the experience.

A slightly more expensive route: Contact an Org and pay about $100 for the "Dianetics Seminar". This is usually a one day seminar. The $100 includes a hard copy edition of the book. A course pack, lecture, lunch and supervision. Generally the morning is a lecture on Dianetics, and in the afternoon you and a friend audit each other help close by in case you run into problems.

An even more expensive route: Go to an Org or Mission and purchase 12 1/2 hours of Auditing (probably about $250). A professional will deliver the auditing to you. If you like what you get, you can continue paying for the Auditing, or you can move to one of the above possibilities.

I recommend the second approach, because you get to give as well as receive the auditing, and there is something really incredible about helping someone else get through some major mess. Alse, the second approach will get you started with tips and pointers and someone standing around to help out if needed. Finally, the second approach will get you in touch with folks, so that you can later (if you desire) get more books and courses, etc.

Please note the prices are approximate and should not be taken as quotes.

Send me email and I'll try and be more specific. A lot of folks out in net-land haven't read Dianetics yet, and I don't want to start throwing around a lot of terminology that they might not understand.

I can be reached at: dhelrod@btr.com

David H. Elrod

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