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In article by lachman@parc.xerox.com Hans asks about low cost options. I am posting this because the e-mail reply hit a mailer failure. It may be of interest to a few others, as well.

Dear Hans,

You need not even be a member of the church to read and apply basic data about life to yourself and others as derived from books and basic courses. You are not required to be a church member to take courses, counseling, or buy books. The first six months of a church membership is free, if you wish it, and it need not be continued.

The cheapest approach is to read materials from the library. I don't know what might be available near you; however, in 1960, the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, just north of the UC campus, had most of the books on Scientology at the time. Many of the books have procedures in them which can be used for betterment, some more or less workable depending on the situation, how well the instructions are followed, and the communication quality in their application. For example, if you wanted to use Dianetics, rather than using the methodology in the book, "Modern Science of Mental Health," I would recommend you get either the basic Dianetic auditor course book or a book called Dianetics Today. The latter two would probably not be available through a library or bookstore, however. You would need to get them from a Church or Mission, (I believe there is a mission in Palo Alto), for somewhere around $50, I'd guess.

Another particularly good, low cost, getting involved book with very good instructions and procedures is, Self-Analysis in Scientology." It should be available at larger bookstores as well as the other sources.

I hope this answers your question adequately. If not, try e-mailing me.


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