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Another book people might look for is "Mind Game", by Norman Spinrad, Jove Books, copyright 1980. This is a roman a clef, about an author whose wife joins the "Transformationalism" cult. Yes, the cult is led by a pulp-era science-fiction writer. He even says things like, "We're developing the Atomic Age of the mind." Gee, any guesses? One of the revelations was that this cult ordered members to make various career moves, and then gave them "life directives" to steer business to enterprises that were secretly cult-owned.

Norman Spinrad is normally a science fiction writer. Presumably he met Scientology through other writers, since Hubbard was not the only writer in the Church. If you have ever read an A. E. Van Vogt book, you may have noticed that the hero ascribed some of his success to some species or other of Right Thinking. -- Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

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