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In article <14052@pt.cs.cmu.edu>, lindsay+@cs.cmu.edu (Donald Lindsay) writes: > > > In article <17250@life.ai.mit.edu> > whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes: > >I wouldn't want to build my own E-Meter! If one faulty component > >caused an erratic swing of the needle, which indicates an area of > >flat-out insanity, I would be chasing this thread to no avail and > >eventually upset my preclear. Thank you very much, but I'd rather buy > >a good one and send it in for servicing every year like they > >recommend. > > Servicing???!?!! AN OHMMETER NEEDS SERVICING?!??? > > Let me guess: it's an expensive servicing. > > I can buy an excellent metal detector at Radio Shack for $40. A > superb E-Meter, good for years for flawless service, should be > similar or a little more - certainly under $120. A workable one > should be $15. In both cases, the failure mode should be obvious, > not subtle, in which case you **throw it out*** and buy a new one. > > (Or buy two and have them vote - sorry, just a little tech joke.) > > Since you are posting from MIT, I will assume that you have some > brains, and some familiarity with the consumer electronics available > in our society. Am I wrong? If yes, I must have missed some major > factor: could you tell me what it is?

I guess most of us that are Electrical Engineers should be able to put together blindfolded a decent working ohmmeter. And I've seen multi-meters in stores for less than 30$ - I guess that people using them don't trust the values :-).

The issue I raised originally is that why does something simple as an E-meter cost a fortune? The simple and stupid answer is that someone is trying to make money. For more similar gimmic machines, please switch to any of the Home Market channels on TV.


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