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In article <1991Jul24.233541.27713@math.ufl.edu>, sgc@math.ufl.edu (Scott G. Chastain) writes: > I would like to make a few comments but let me say at the onset to avoid > obvious flames that:1) I have read Dianetics, 2) I have read and used > Self Analysis, and 3) I have an open mind and would like to discuss > the issue in a reasonable way. > ... ... ... > -Christianity and Scientology are not compatible. Christianity assumes > all men are by nature evil and must be saved. Scientology assumes > all men are good. You connot therefore be a true Christian Scientologist > unless you alter one or the others beliefs. >

If all men are good, then why must all Scientologists pay so much to achieve enlightenment? It seems Scientology is more akin to the Christian viewpoint than you would like us to believe! Christianity is at least a little less money-hungry, requiring only near-absolute faith and hard work, rather than all of the above plus lots and lots of your money too!

> I welcome discussion and mail. > Scott


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