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In article <leo.680437603@galaxy>, leo@ph.tn.tudelft.nl (Leo Breebaart) writes: > mauler@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: > >> And unfortunately, paranormal abilities exist. > > Yeah, right. > >> [...] in the creative visualization clinics, where cancer patients visualize >> white knights attacking their tumor cells, and the tumors subside if the >> patient focuses enough "whatever-energy" onto the problem; > > This must surely be a slap in the face of everyone who has ever lost > a loved one to this disease. > > Good God, look at what you're saying. Surely the will to live is one of > the strongest that we have. If people could cure themselves from cancer > by 'focusing "whatever-energy"', then wouldn't we have learned to do so > by now? Over the course of history, there must have been literally millions > of people with cancer, who only wanted one thing in the world: to live. > All that mental energy, spent on only one thought: "I want to live!". > > Do you really think that if there was any merit to this 'visualization' > technique, it would not already have become widely accepted? >

It is currently being used, it has not gained wide favor because it has not been "scientifically" proven, and since it is a "whatever" force, it probably never will be. The whole process is simply another method of trying to cure a disease that seems to have no cure aside of direct tumor removal, and even that has limited effects.

I am not trying to imply that anyone who has ever lost a loved one to cancer lost that loved one because s/he did not focus his/her will to live enough (i.e., s/he failed in his/her will to live). Rather, that healing visualization has a better track record for curing the patient AND leaving the rest of the body unhurt (which chemotherapy does not) when guided and encouraged through the use of guides, a healthy diet, exercise, etc., the marks of a healthy body which leads to a healthy mind, which leads to more control over both. Perhaps the poisons intended to heal killed those other loved ones you speak of. Perhaps another paranormal force took his or her life, since there always seems to be a "time to go." It doesn't really help any to squabble with me over the effectiveness, since it works occasionally--and nothing else in cancer treatment has anything BETTER than *occasionally* for its cure track record--and we need all the possibilities we can get. When you or others discover one single treatment that does the trick, and it isn't creative visualization, then I will accept that visualization is not all its cracked up to be. Until then it remains the only treatment unlikely to hurt the body in addition to the tumor hurting the body, for the exact same chance of a complete cure.

Better to have lived a full and happy life through visualization treatment, and finally die happy, than to emerge from chemotherapy an emaciated walking corpse, and live out your last years in pain and unhappiness from the treatments.

> >> [...] and in the >> practitioners of Oriental mind-body martial arts, some who are capable of >> knocking down enemies who are some yards away without the use of standard >> projectile weapons or lackeys (through an "invisible" personal force, called >> "ki", "chi", etc., extended beyond the physical body). > > In the Western World, we call this force: "body odor". >

Doesn't cut it. Body odor only leaves bruises on the inner nose and throat, not on the outer body...

> -- > Leo Breebaart (leo @ ph.tn.tudelft.nl)

Leo (another one)

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