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In article <17250@life.ai.mit.edu>, whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes: > In article <14949@goofy.Apple.COM> ksand@apple.com (Kent Sandvik) writes: >>A true religion instructed to make the population of the Earth happy would >>*for free* distribute the wiring diagrams for this E-meter. Anyway >>a happy electronics hobbyist should not have problems to put this >>together. > > I wouldn't want to build my own E-Meter! If one faulty component > caused an erratic swing of the needle, which indicates an area of > flat-out insanity, I would be chasing this thread to no avail and > eventually upset my preclear. Thank you very much, but I'd rather buy > a good one and send it in for servicing every year like they > recommend. >

With decent STEREOS with CD PLAYERS going for $500 with free parts and labor for a year, I still don't see where Scientologists can get off on this idea that an ohmmeter has to cost 10x original costs or else it isn't good! An expensive machine does not a quality machine make!

Heck, *I* could build a decent Wheatstone bridge ohmmeter (which is, I presume, the electronics involved in an E-meter), pop it in a fancy case, and offer free parts and labor for the next 5 years for $200. Does Scientology allow for 100% compatible E-meter clones? I could start production on perfectly-sound Z-Meters next week!

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