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In article <17185@life.ai.mit.edu> whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes: >In article <1991Jul21.051457.11884@bilver.uucp> dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) writes: >>Whoppee! I got a whole $10 for all my efforts during the week. Mind you, >>being in the Sea Org was the ELITE branch of "Rip-off-ology"..you were >>like a SLAVE..God..I'm glad I wised up and got the fuck out of it! > >Why, may I ask, did you join the Sea Org? I'd really like to know. >Was it not made clear to you that there would be hard work and little >pay? It was made clear to me... I underestimated it, but that's my >own screwup, not theirs. Also, unless my memory is wrong, you admitted >to falsifying your stats in order to get more pay. Doesn't this sort

NO...I did *not* falsify my stats..the point I was trying to make was that the STATS was all that mattered. YOU should know about that. What happenned was this..I went out to El Lay thinking that things were going to be one way (the way in which my recruiter, Billy Khan of HCO) said it was going to be and after I got out of my basic indoctrination at Pac org, I was sent to PUBS and *not* given the job request I had asked for but was thrown in the shipping dept. My immediate boss blew about 8 weeks later and I, being "green" at the whole shipping dept (I was 22 at the time) got totally overwhelmed. I was NOT given any help, despite my pleas to my supervisor (The Sales and Delivery Product Officer- S&DPO) and during this whole time, was expected to "deliver" even though my boss either could not or would not see that I did'nt have any in-depth training, -AND- was trying to do a job that needed at least 4 additional people. Oh, I got the occasional HCO "expeditor" (term=3D meaning new "raw" recruit until they are assigned elsewhere), but that was only brief and certainly no more than 1 person. My previous "boss", after he blew..I had to spend a lot of time cleaning up all the messes he left me..this in addition to the physical attributes of my job (this was packing boxes, making out labels, going to the main storage warehouse downtown and making book pickup runs). His "messes" consisted of about 8 months worth of un-answered mail from all over the US, from all the other Scientology orgs that we regularly shipped to. Let me tell you..it was a BIG mess..plus, I got a bunch of phone calls wanting to know "what happenned to Rob?" (the guy that blew). Rob had left me with all kinds of shipping problems that entailed tracking "lost" shipments that were in limbo in Canadian warehouses. I could go on and on...but suffice it to say, after about 8 months of me totally sticking it out and getting NO help..the CO crawling all over my back...I got to the point of being fed up where I just didn't give a damn. I worked LONG hours, with damned little appreciation, and LOW pay. What cinched my -idea- to blow (leave)..was when after working a 16 hour day, setting up an elaborate book display at Anaheim.. I got jumped on by my boss for being "un-cooperative" (hell..I was tired!) when she asked me to work 3 additional hours. I came in the next day and found out I was being COMM Ev'ed for "insubordination" and I was stunned that not only had I been slapped in the face, but I was faced with taking additional "punishement" by having my pay withheld and assigned a condition of DOUBT. THAT is when I decided.."fuck this..fuck them all..I'm GONE" That was the BEST decision I made and one I've NOT regretted since. I used to have my gold Comm Ev order until I found it while moving one day and decided to burn it :-) BTW,during this whole time I, like many others in the "Sea Org" lived in the Hollywood Inn. I lived with 3 other people in a room no bigger than what you would get at your standard motel 6 . I ate peanut buttr sandwiches for dinner and If I was *real* lucky..I might have a salad after a longgggg day. So much for the perverted "romantic" notion of being a ELITE member of the "Sea Org". Funny thing is...after I had blown and was gone about 4 months..A Sea Org friend called me up and let me know that Ron had *personally* saw to it that the entire management of PUBS (The CO, DCO and the whole HCO dept) were demoted and sent to the RPF (that's where all the fuckups go to be "rehabilitated")...I was told by my friend that it was because RON had found out what was *really* going on, and had heard about WHO had carried the whole shipping dept on their back, and was now gone. I could only guess..but after I blew..a lot of shit hit the fan, when it was discovered that some of upper mgmt were just "camoflaged holes". Don

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