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> My friend's father is taking the Key To Life series of classes, and it's > going to cost him somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000 when he's finished.

I wonder where? The Key to Life course costs about $6000 - $8000 + roughly $1000 for books. The course seems to take about 4-6 weeks full time (~60 hours/week) or 6-9 months going a couple of nights and both weekend days. (I knew an OT 8 who did KTL in just over 4 weeks, although another one took 5 weeks). For a person such as myself (haven't attested to Clear yet), it COULD take 7 weeks full time).

Most folks do the Life Orientation Course after Key To Life which is probably another $2-3K and another 1-2 weeks.

The price varies depending on where you recieve the service. Going to any place run by the Sea Org will cost you more and you will probably get better service (I generally do).

If a person were to go to the Freewinds (a cruise ship owned and operated by Scientology) the accomodations could cost a lot. I have looked at taking the Key To Life on the Freewinds, and I figure it would take me about 6 weeks at about $2K/week for room and board. The friends I have who have been to the Freewinds say it is VERY nice, the best service they have ever gotten anywhere (and one friend spends about 1/3 time traveling). Accomodations on the Freewinds could cost you as much as $4K or maybe even $5K (I don't really pay attention to upper deck suite prices).

So, perhaps if I were in a nice room for 6 weeks and did both courses: accomodations: 6 x 3,000 =3D 18,000 KTL & LOC: 8,000 + 3,000 =3D 11,000 ------ Deluxe package total $29,000 US

Of course, if I just wanted to get the auditing (which KTL has a lot of) and learn the technology presented, I could do the whole thing for about $9,000 in my local Org. If I were on staff, then I would be getting all of this for free. It would depend on just how fancy I wanted things to be...

My friends who have done KTL (even one skeptic) have come away feeling a LOT different about life. The skeptic friend of mine commented that he hadn't heard of ANYTHING like what he did. Also, he was surprised at how one could work really hard on one specific thing, and then have something totally unrelated clear up. This same skeptical friend has now taken up writing (a lifelong dream) and I can see a vast improvement in his ability to get his communications across (he has always been a really bright guy, but is doing much better now).

DISCLIAMER: The above prices are rough, based on what I recall reading during the past year or so. They are NOT to be taken as "quotes". I represent only myself, not the Church of Scientology or whoever I'm currently working for.

David H. Elrod

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