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Date: Thu, 1 Aug 91 16:41:50 GMT

A week or so back I posted some comments on Scientology and Christianity and also on Scientology and Western Thought. From the replies and mail I have received I am afraid that people have decided that either I am a Christian or a Scientologist depending on which way they read my arguments.

So let me go on the record as saying I am neither a Christian nor a Scientologist.

I would like to also say that upon going back and rereading parts of Dianetics I found Hubbard did address some other areas of Western thought; for example he goes into Christianity's suppression of pleasure and he addresses those who say man is driven by sex alone, which I take to mean Freudians.

To those who follow Dianetics, why do you find the engram theory more compelling then say Freud struggling subconscious theory. I asked a friend in the psychology department about pre-natal memories and they said that they believed that the mind would not be developed enough to process memories. Is there any scientific evidence besides Hubbard of pre-natal memories.


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