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thomson@cs.sfu.ca (Brian Thomson) writes:

>The money question is actually an important one. The public >perception of the C. of S. is driven largely by the >perception that it, like the Jim Bakker's and Jimmy >Swaggart's of the world, is driven soley by a desire to >fleece the believers. The magnitude of the "donations" >serves to reinforce this.

>it. But I haven't seen any credentials possessed by the >current leadership that should demand any great loyalty or >explain why they have to become rich.

Well, for one thing they need the money to by massive quantities of L. Ron's books in order to get them on the best-seller lists. It's especially interesting when shipments of books arrive from them with the WaldenBooks stickers still on them.

Secondly, it gives them the legal resources to sue the ass of and otherwise harass anyone who criticizes them in the media. -- Standard disclaimer applies, you legalistic hacks. | Ron Dippold

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